Her Killer Secret

Twenty-four year old Amara James is a psychologist for the criminally insane. Unlike most doctors at the psych ward, she is well loved and connects immensely with her frenzied patients. each and every one of her patients are curious about her past, which she has lavishly tried to conceal from everyone, including herself, for it has turned her into the sophisticated women she is today with the monsters still in her lurking in the shadows of her eyes.
The arrival of an oddly familiar patient spurs quite chaos for her sense of reasoning when he opens the forbidden door to her past. to the man she once loved and holds all the power to her sanity and humanity.
To a psychopath killer.


1. Prologue

When I was a little girl, I was filled with a sufficient amount of hope and optimism. I don’t know why though; I mean life had given me plenty of reasons to bow down. At a young age, I wasn’t wishing for a pony or to marry handsome prince and live in a faraway castle.


I wished for more pensive things. I wasted plenty of birthday candles wishing for a life that consisted of a home with a real other and a real father and most of all a real family. What a shame that was, knowing at such a young age that I wasn’t blessed with a happy family like everyone else. Instead I was cursed with a broken strangers who had placed all of their burdens onto my shoulders and looked at me for a resolution in everything.

Yet I always managed to find some sort of positive side in every little thing so that I would never be brought down. I found a silver lining in the most morbid of things. Especially him.

He was a monster.

A sinner.

A disgrace to God and the creation of his fellow children.

He was a child of the Devil.

Loving him went against everything I believed in; everything I thought I had wanted. But believe me when I tell you that I didn’t care. He brought light to the darkest parts of me, even though his soul was as black as the inky night. Whether he descended from Heaven of from Hell, I could never tell you. But in more way than one he had saved my life and in my eyes he will always be some sort of angelic being.
He didn’t know the first thing about caring for another. Yet I had never felt so loved by anyone before.

He loved me for all the cracks, bruises and scars that had branded my body that had left me flooded in a pool of shame. Piece by piece he put together the demolished pieces of me that he was given, like some sort of jigsaw puzzle. He fixed me.

I then knew that no matter how hard I tried I would never be infatuated with someone as much as I was with him.

And to this day, I haven’t. No matter how hard I or anyone else tried to force my affection onto another, he would always remain the rightful owner of my heart, mind, body and soul.

Life had been cruel to us. It was the price we had to pay for our sins. An even bigger punishment cam our way knowing that these two sinners had joined hands and were now trailing the earth and perishing everything that was imprinted into our minds by ignorant voices.

I was robbed of the comfort given by the one and only person that I had ever truly loved. His sinister ways, his beautiful intellect and his dark and delightful passion; gone. Like sand falling from an hourglass, our time had run out. But fear not, fro even though fate always determines who enter your life; you’re the one who chooses who gets to stay.

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