Movellas Penpals

Penpal system - is not currently running due to my absence from Movellas


1. Rules

This is a system where once a month you will be paired with someone else so you can get to know them.

To apply, comment with your country. This is so that you can be paired with someone far away :)

One of you will start a movella and ask the other to co author. 

Do not bully your partner. If you feel you are being bullied, contact Jess N, remove yourself from the movella or both.

If you feel that the conversation isn't really going anywhere, there is no obligation to carry on.

you will have until 23:59 GMT on the last day of the month to apply. any applications after this time will be held until the next month. I will be commenting at 23:59 to let you know any comments after mine will be for the next month.

The list will be posted on the first of the month.

If you find your partner doesnt respond to the co author request or hasnt been online for a while, let me know and I will pair you up with someone who has applied for the next month.

Also, if you want to take part again, you will have to reapply :)


Just so you know, I write a list of all the names, I add to it once a week or so therefore if you have changed your name, please look out for your old one as I do not always pick up on the change.


Lia is a zebra originally had this idea and said I could do it and supports me.

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