My life

this is a book about my life.and other stuff I guess.:)


1. A/N and Chapter 1

I will try to update everyday because its a dairy duh.But yeah,i hope you enjoy my book.I might and try to be funny so be warned.:)

                                                    Dear Dairy,

I have 6 BFFLs(Best Friends For Life.)they are Alexis(Lexi),Isabella(Izz),Faith,Madison(Maddie)and Gabby.In case i didnt tell you guys im only 10 years old.I'm turning 11 very soon though on October 4th.Heres something you cant tell ANYONE(!!!!!)I have a little crush on my friend Seth.(Seth is a boy not a girl and yes we are friends NOT dating.)My friend Faith also has a crush on him.(man i hope nobody from school reads this.......)IDK if anything will happen though.We are only in 5th grade(we just got in 5th grade.)I have a sister named Ella,a brother named Dylan,a mom named Lisa,and a dad named Erik.I also have a dog named Max.Seth and me are kinda close we had a fight the other day though,he started it by calling me names and cyberbulling me but we made up and now were fine it was in the past.(MAN i really hope nobody from school is reading this!!!)I don't know why it happened it just did.(oh great ruby your getting off topic!Your probally confusing the readers!Sorry if i'm confusing you!)Do you guys think im funny?If you do comment on how im funny.Let me tell you about my personailty.Okay,well im shy when you first meet me but then i won't SHUT UP!(funny huh?)i think its weird but hey who cares i don't!I'm also very kind,i think i would die if i didn't have any friends.I NEED to talk!If i don't i will probaly die.But i really just like to cuddle up and read,and listen to music on my ipod on my chair.(which my chair is a rainbow!Awesome right?)as you can tell i like to use () thoose.I have brown hair with blonde highlights(which are natural.)I am very pale.IDK why but i was just made to be super pale.I can turn as red as a tomato or an apple if you embarss me :(.Thats it for now! If you wan to see more can i get 1-3 comments/likes/favs?It will make me a happy little girl!<3

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