Your My Father?

Brittany Rhodes has been in foster care since she was a baby. Today she is in one of the best home she has ever been in. Her parents own a B&B and she doesn't even think about who her biological parents are. But one day a man and his family get a room for a week and the thing is she looks creepily like him. What will she do and is he somehow her biological father? read and find out.


1. chapter 1

Sorry this is not a mortal instruments but I put Kevin Zegers and Jamie bower and lily Collins in it.



   My name is Brittany Rhodes and I am one of the million kids who are in foster care. Right now I am with the Anderson's. Mollie is my foster mom, Micheal is my foster dad, and my foster siblings are Kyler who is 16, Justine who is 10 and Micheal Jr. who is 6. This is the one and only foster family I have ever liked. They didn't trust me at first but they slowly learned to trust me in the 18 months they have known me. I honestly have never thought about who my biological parents are since three months into staying here. At this time I am living in Rochester, New York. So far I have lived in San Francisco, California, Sauk Rapids, Minnesota, and I've even lived in the UK for three different foster homes. A few of them I ended up in the hospital before I was taken out of the home. There are reasons I listen to the songs For The Love Of A Daughter and Fix A Heart by Demi Lovato. If you saw me around my parents 14 months ago I would make it look like I trusted them but I didn't. Now I do.

"Hey Britt can you come dowm stairs." Mollie yelled up stairs. I put my journal down and came down stairs.

"Yeah Mom?" I asked.

"We just got a call. We will be having guests at the B&B in two days. We need your help to get six rooms ready before tomorrow." Micheal explained as he walked into the kitchen.

"Six rooms seriously?" I asked.

"Three rooms for the three couples and three rooms for the two kids for each couple." Mollie asked.

"That's a lot of rooms. I could help with the kids rooms. We've got plenty of children's bedspreads but I would need to know what the kids are for each family." I said.

"Wow your getting this down." Micheal said with a smile on his face.

"I learned from the best." I said.

"Ok, can we get back to work?" Mollie asked.

"Yes. the first couple has to boys one is 15 and one is 6, the second one has twins but one is a boy and one is a girl, the last has twin boys. Got it hun?" Kyler said behind me scaring me.

"Seriously Kyler you scared me half to death!" I yelled.

"I meant to. You scare to easily." Kyler smirked.

"You act like a jerk too easily." I said. Kyler gave me a dirty look.

"Ok, Brittany you and I need to get to the B&B." Micheal said.

"Why cant you come Mollie?" I asked. she started smiling.

"Kyler can you get the other kids." Mollie asked.

"Justine! Micheal! Mom wants you." Kyler yelled.

"That's not funny Kyler. I didn't ask you to yell for them, not scream for them. don't do it again." Mollie said before the kids came tumbling into the room.

"Yes Mom?" they said at the same time.

"I wanted to tell you sooner or later but I guess its sooner. Um, guess what Mike you are going to be an older brother." She said. then she turned to us. "I'm pregnant. With twins. Two girls."

When she finished all of us hugged her and were happy for her but Kyler. But before I could ask what was wrong Micheal rushed me out of thehouse to the B&B.

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