Wordless Poetry



1. Up

1. Up

I would listen, but that means turning it down

I don't even know what you just said

Even when I try to hide I fall to the ground

Look right through me I'm seeing red

You told me behave one too many times

I can't help but believe these thoughts they gave me

What if I don't wanna listen to your whines

Tell me to build another bridge and I'll burn it down

I don't even know why I'm so angry

Maybe it's 'cause of your need for the crown

It won't help, you're still the same

I'm not boring I just forgot

You weren't born royalty that won't change

I don't wanna do what I was taught


I don't wanna listen to you anymore

You're not the only one that needs to be saved

It's a generation of we're not a phase

We're the revolution you can pretend

But you're bringing us up as if we've already failed

What do you expect it's not normal stop trying

I'm not suicidal I just don't want to live

I imagine it's not quite the same as dying

To have lost everything before you begin


I understand, really I do

If you wanna leaveI should say wait but go a head

'cause I'm not what I should be and neither are you

Therefore, why are we here?

Just to annoy your left with your right

Eyes and feet need to keep moving why don't they stop

Especially our thoughts

Needs to be contained or they'll set the bails of stupid alight

And then their masks will disappear

Causing a grand mess of grey fright

As the secrets appear and darkness clears

As you comfort yourself with what isn't real

They're just boys that never grew up


So yes I'm boring and very bored


And yes I will finally go walking

Listening to those who wouldn't shut up.

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