Wonderland (Draco Malfoy)

I know perfect doesn't exist but darling if it did you would be the definition


1. morte alterius est principium audaciae *year 1*

Translation: Death is just the start of another adventure.

a/n this sotry has just been finished and it's so badly written with a lot of loose ends. I decided I should edit it :)

Missy's POV

I smiled brightly at my letter. It came, my Hogwarts acceptance letter. I have been waiting 11 years for this. Finally!.

I raced downstairs throwing the letter in my mothers face, she let out a jolly laugh before reading the letter in front of her. She let out a happy cheer before passing the letter around my family. 

"Well done Missy I'm so proud of you baby, you and Ronald will be staring together this year. I trust your older brothers to look after you." She exclaimed. My name is Missy Weasly. Yes you hear right another Weasly. I am Ron's twin. People don't think I am a Weasly. It is because of my look. Instead of ginger hair I have bright blonde hair. Instead of blue eyes like my brother I have red eyes due to a curse put on me as a baby. Mum doesn't speak of it much .My god father Reamus sends money for me every month. It helps me buy clothes and now will help me buy school things. 

"Okay Weasly's there is only one place we can get all the things on this list and that is Diagon Ally!" My mothing rounded us up and we all placed our jackets on before standing in front of the fireplace. Ron went first then Ginny, then mum, dad, Fred, George, Percy then finally me. I entered the fireplace and picked up my floo powder before dropping it and screaming "Diagonally!" 

I felt my feet land somewhere and I looked around. Poop, I said it wrong. I looked around the shop I had appeared in. It sent shivers down my spine. It was dark, too dark. I dusted myself off and walked out the shop before something jumped out at me. I looked around the street. Knockturn Alley. Crap I shouldn't be here. Something might happen. I don't know my way to Diagon Alley. 

"Quick come with me!" A sweet voice whispered in my ear. I turned round to find a boy around my age standing there. He had white blonde hair that was slicked back. He was kind of cute. Had a friendly face. He grabbed my hand  and he led me towards what I am presuming is Diagon Ally. We reached a lighter street with loads of shops. 

"Never go down that street again. It's where dark wizards go. I am guessing you can find your way from here. What school do you go to?" He asked. 

"I am starting Hogwarts this year." I replied a smile spread across my face. He smiled back. 

"Me too. The names Draco Malfoy." he commented back. Before I could tell him my name someone called him. 

"goodbye Draco!" I called after him. 

He walked away and I went to find my family. 

"MISSY!" I heard someone scream before I felt arms wrap around me. I giggled slightly before they pulle away. It was Ron. He pulled me towards Florish and Blotts and we walked inside. 

We were quickly finished with our shopping and I had managed to buy all new things. Which Ron wasn't very happy about. All was left was a pet and a wand. 

"Be back at the burrow before nightfall Matilda" My mother said. 

"Don't call me Matilda!" I replied angrily. My hair turned a deep red. I have been able to do this since I was a young child. My parents won't tell me why I have the power to change my body and my hair. I just accept it. 

"I'm sorry Missy, do not speak to me in that tone." I gave an apologetic sigh before walking away towards the pet shop. 

The ding of the bell alerted the store manger. She was a rather tall slender women. I walked straight to the kitten. I spotted a very small black kitten with bright blue eyes. It is perfect. 

"I would like that one." I spoke to the manager. 

"Of course. That will be 10 galleons." 

I payed the lady before heading out the shop with my kitten in a basket. Ollivanders was across the street so I hurried there. It was nearly nightfall and mum would have my head if I was late. The bell chimed and a old looking man came scurrying out. 

"Oh hello dear. I was wondering when I would see you miss weasly. I have just the wand for you!" he cheered. i giggled slightly before he pulled out the most beautiful wand.

I smiled and he handed it to me. I waved it and a gold shimmer flew out the top. He smiled at me

"Perfect. I expect great things from you. Ebony with phoenix tale core." he said smiling. I returned the gesture. "That will be 7 galleons please" I handed him the money before leaving the shop. I made my way to a fire place in the street. Before I could go in I ran straight into someone. 

"Hey watch where you are going!" I replied rudely my hair tuning red. I looked up to see Draco stood there with a man who I am guessing is his father stood behind him. "Oh sorry hi Draco" I said smiling sweetly. 

"Who is this Draco?" His father sneered. 

"I'm Matilda but please call me Missy" I replied, my hair turning back to blonde. 

"Hello Missy I am Draco's father Lucius Malfoy. I expect you are going to Hogwarts." He replied more kindly this time. 

"Yes though I really must be going my mother will have my head if I am late. Good bye Draco and Lucius. I will see you on the train Draco." I waved good bye before transporting back to the burrow. 



"WAKE UP MIIIIISSSSSSSSYYYYYY!" A voice screeched. I shot out of bed. Ron was sat laughing his head off. My hair turned red. His face froze. I threw a cushion at him and he ran out my room. 

I picked up Coal (My kitten) and put her in her carry on cage before changing into jeans and my favorite muggle bands shirt.  They are called My Chemical Romance. I left my room with my trunk and Coal. I raced downstairs and wolfed down a bowl of cereal before my parents hurried us out the house.




a/n HOPE YOU LIKE IT! It is a little slow as it is the first chapter but it will get better I PROMISE. I am deciding what house to put her in. 

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