Rekindled Love

Ivy’s parents throw her out of the house for majoring in English. They hate her college choices and want to her to be better, like her sister. When, her family turns against her and Ivy has nowhere to go, who will she ask for help?


1. Chapter 1

         The door slammed as my mom threw my bags and me out on the street.  I made my way to my car and put my bags in.  I couldn't believe my parents had thrown me out just because of my choice of where I wanted to go to college and what I wanted to study.  I wanted to study English, but my parents wanted me to be focused on Math and Science.  Just like my sister.  My sister was always better than me.  I felt so drained.  I couldn't believe they would go as far as throwing me out of the house.  
        I couldn't just leave.  There was this feeling inside me that made me run back and knock on the door.  I held my breath and waited.  My mom poked her head around the door and frowned.  "Oh it's you." she said in a bored monotone.  "Go away!"
        I took a deep breath and held back my tears, "Can I please talk to Bella?"  My mom gave me a scowl and left.  Seconds later,  Bella returned.  "Bella.." I started to say before she interrupted me.
        "Don't talk to me!  If you think I'm gonna help you out, then you are wrong!  You deserve this!" Bella said, glaring at me.
        "Bella?  You believe what mom and dad say?  You're against me?!" I gasped, realization hitting me like a hammer.  Bella didn't want me around.  She hated as much as mom and dad did.  I felt tears fall from my eyes.  
        Bella nodded at me in satisfaction.  "Now, get out of our driveway before I tell mom there is a stranger parked here."  She smirked and slammed the door.  I ran to my car tears streaming down my face.  I got in and started to drive.   It took me a while to realize that I had no where to go.  No apartment, no relatives, no job. 
        I quickly turned and parked at a diner that I used to frequently visit.  As I sat there, I saw a young couple, around my age, come out of the diner laughing and talking excitedly.  Suddenly, an idea popped in my head.  I remembered my closet friend, Jay.   I hadn't talked to him in ages.  I didn't even know if I could call him after what happens.   But he was the only one I could talk to.  He was my closet friend.
        I grabbed my phone and pressed him name in my contacts, desperately hoping he was there and hadn't changed his number.  I held the phone to my ear as it rang.   Hopefully, hopefully, hopefully he would be there!  Suddenly, the phone clicked.  It was connected.
        "Hello?" I heard his voice.
        "Hey Jay, this is Ivy."  I said.
        "I know, I saved your number.  Why are you calling now?  Is everything alright?"
        I felt good that he had saved my number.  "Uh..actually it isn't.  My parents tree me out of the house." I said feeling the tears build up again.  His question had made me face reality. 
        "Ivy, why?  Where are you now?"  Jay said, sounding worried.
        "They didn't like that I was majoring in English or my college choices.  I'm at the diner."
        "Do you want me to come pick you up Ivy?"  he asked.
        "You would do that for me?"  I said.  I was surprised that he would actually pay attention to my troubles.
        "Of course Ivy.  I'm coming to the diner.  You're one of my best friends.  I would do anything for you.  You mean the world to me."  Jay said, ending the call.


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