The Girl With The Dancey Walk


For nearly five years, I had the best friend in the world, Sirra Wilkinson. She had this weird way of walking, where she'd put one foot directly in front of the other. From the feet up, it looked like she was dancing. I thought it was cute. The downside, though, was that she couldn't walk straight. Nope. No way. Not if her life depended on it. Even so, I thought it was cute. But, the bullies sure didn't.


1. Gigi Peterson

I looked across the hall. Standing against the wall next to the water fountain was Gigi Peterson. She was doing her nails. They were green with white polka dots, just like her crop top. Ugh. Matching. I never matched. Ever. No way. Sirra would've tried, but she was colorblind. But, Gigi had no excuse to look so......... perfect. Yup. That was just the right word to describe Gigi. Perfect. Yeah. 



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