Take me home: Lashton



1. chapter 1

Ashton's point of view


Mum I'm going out in the garden I called to my mum in the kitchen . Ok ash she called back and I made my way out side we have recently got new neighbours they have a son around my age I don't have any friends because I get bullied for my sexuality I'm gay so what if that's what I want to be then it's my choice it's just not fair that I get bullied for who I am . I run out side and take my shirt off whilst running and cannon ball into my pool

30 minutes later*

ASHTON!!! My mum called from inside the house. COMING I shout and put my shirt back on and walk into the kitchen . Yeah mum I say entering the kitchen come on were going to meet our neighbours she says dragging my arm .

At the neighbours house*

Mum knocked on the door and a woman answered "hello I'm Liz how can I help you" she said politely . Hi my name is Anne and this is my son Ashton we are your neighbours and we thought it would be nice to get to know each other my mum said smiling . Sure that would be wonderful Liz said and let us inside . One minute Liz said and then shouted LUKE!!!!!!! Come down here and meet our neighbours she said and turned back to us . Shall we go to the living room she says showing us the living room . A few minutes later a boy came down a bit shorter than me and he had blonde hair and blue eyes he was waring a blink 182 muscle t shirt and black skinny jeans wow he was stunning but I don't think he's gay

Luke's P.O.V

I walked down stairs and into the living room and I saw the most beautiful boy ever he had brown hair that was quite long but not extremely long and brown eyes and he was waring a green day t shirt and black skinny jeans he was beautiful but I don't think he's gay is he I hope he is

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