Albus Potter

This story is about Harry and Ginny's Son, Albus. He leaves to go to Hogwarts with his brother, James, and his cousin, Hugo. When they arrive, they are confronted with something not even supposed to exist.

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1. The letter

“The mail is here!” Lilly shouted, Albus's little sister. Albus ran downstairs to the kitchen were her found his mom and his dad, Harry and Ginny Potter. Albus took his letter and glanced at the Hogwarts seal. He remembered the letter that James had gotten when he was eleven. “Where is James by the way?” Albus asked. “Oh, he is at his friends house,” Ginny replied. Albus ripped the letter open carefully and read his acceptance letter. Attached to the acceptance letter where the supplies they would need to get before school. Just then another owl swooped in. Albus's mother read it and looked up. “Let's go to Diagon Alley today,” she exclaimed. “Ron and Hermione will be there too” she announced. Yay Albus thought in his head. He was going to see Aunt Hermione and Uncle Ron. He was really exited to see his best friend, his cousin, Hugo. Just then Teddy ran down the stairs and took his Hogwarts letter. Teddy was not related to anyone but his father and his mother were great friends of Harry. Teddy would be going on his last year at Hogwarts. “Lilly,” Ginny said. “Would you go get the floo powder from the cupboard? Lilly nodded eagerly and ran upstairs. She returned a few minutes later with the floo powder and handed it to Harry. Harry went first, then Teddy, then James, then Albus, then Lilly, and finally Ginny. Albus slid from the fireplace and stood up. He looked around and saw the rest of the people. Albus walked over to the table where Hugo sat. “Wassup,” Hugo said to Albus. Hugo looked like his father, uncle Ron, but with his mother's eyes, Aunt Hermione. Rosie was Lilly's best friend. They did everything together. They where both the same age and we're going to Hogwarts next year. Lilly ran over to rose and gave her a big hug. “Hey dad,” Albus asked. “Can me and Hugo go to Gringots? We will meet you back here when we are done.” “Sure, but take the girls with you” Harry said, nodding to Lilly and Rose. “Meet us back here in...” Harry said glancing at his watch. “Two hours. You can go get your school supplies and hurry back.” Albus nodded at his father and beckoned Hugo and the girls to follow him. They headed down the street of Diagonal Alley all the way to Gringots. Albums and Hugo each got out their vault key and handed it to the available goblin. Hugo, Albus, Lilly, and Rose got on the cart and the goblin started driving.

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