You Saved Me

Crystal Bowen's mother, Amy, died when Crystal was 3 years old in a car accident. Now she's 16 and lives with her father, David. Since Amy died her father began to drink and got very violent.

One day Crystal can't take any more and decides to run away from everything.

Will someone find her?
And if, who is that special someone?
A blond guy with 3 friends, who are the most popular guys in the world?


2. I Won't Hurt You

Crystal's P.O.V.

I was scared, shaking and freezing when I saw the silhouette of a boy. I curled myself into a little ball. I saw two feet in front of me. I looked carefully up and saw a blond haired guy with bright blue eyes smiling at me. He squatted down so he was in my eye level.

"Hello," he breathed. He stretched his arm in my direction but I gasped and moved a little away from him, cause I was afraid that he would hurt me. He probably saw the scared look on my face cause he moved his hand away and said: "I won't hurt you," he said and smiled again. I moved a little closer to him so I could see his eyes, and I could see that he was telling the truth. I stretched my arm out a little so I was touching his arm, and he took my hand in both of his. He stroked his thumb over my hand and the look on his face changed to a worried look: "Gosh, you're freezing." He turned his face around, still holding my hand.

"Lads!" He yelled, not loud, but still yelled. 3 other guys showed up. There was a boy with long curly brown hair and green eyes, another guy with brown hair and brown eyes and the last one also had brown hair. I looked worried at the one with the blond hair that was holding my hand.

"It's okay, they're my friends," he said nodding his head and smiling.

I nodded shyly and looked over at my hand in the blonde guy's hand. I smiled a bit which made him smile. No one had ever touched me like he did unless if they wanted to hurt me.

The guy stood up and let go of my hand. Of course. He didn't want be with me anymore. He didn't like me. Like everybody else. I broke down crying and buried my head down on my knees. I felt a pair of hands on my shoulders. I sobbed not knowing if he would kick me or slap me.

"Just... Do it... Now, please. Then it's over," I whispered still sobbing. I expected a kick on my leg or something, but what he did surprised me: "What?" He asked confused and wrapped his arms around me. I looked up and saw him right in front of my face. I gasped.

"Love, like I said earlier, I won't hurt you. I promise. Please believe me." There was that look on his face again and I believed him. He took my hand and made me stand up.

"By the way, I'm Niall," the blonde guy said.

"C-C-Crystal," I whispered at him shaking and freezing.

"You're so cold," Niall said. He took off his hoodie and put it around my shoulders.

I smiled at him and said: "Thank you."

"Would you like to come with us? I have a flat not long from here? Then you could have a cup of tea and we can find you some new clothes," Niall asked. I shook my head no

"I-I can't. It's so nice of you but I just can't, Sir," I said with guilty.

Niall laughed and I felt bad. What did I do wrong now?

"Sir? Please just call my Niall," Niall said. I nodded.

"Why can't you come with us Crystal?" The curly haired one asked me.

"I don't want to waste your time, Sir," I said to him.

"Please, you don't need to call us Sir," Niall said, "As you know I'm Niall and.. You know what? Please come with us. We'll take care of you and we can talk about anything."

I nodded. Niall laid his arm around my waist and we all began to walk to Niall's flat. They were so sweet, and nice and Niall was hot. What!?Stop it! Don't even think about it. He would never love you. Never care about you. Wait... Why did they even care about me?


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