anime screenplay // Noriko is a hot-headed high school student, with an uncanny ability for fighting. So when the opportunity for a brawl comes in the form of snide Yumi, Noriko doesn't hesitate to give her what she deserves! With the help of a creepy, supposed otaku caretaker and the mysterious heartthrob Hatouri, can Noriko beat Yumi into the karate school of her dreams?





NORIKO - Fifteen, female, student at Akemi High School who loves to fight

YUMI - Fifteen, female, NORIKO'S rival

HATOURI - Seventeen, male, student at Iguru Karate Academy

KAN-SAN - Fifty-five, male, ex-Olympic karate champion, now school caretaker

OANA - Sixteen, female, NORIKO'S best friend

KAYA - Fifteen, female, NORIKO'S fellow karate student

EMI - Sixteen, female, NORIKO'S fellow karate student

TAKAKO - Eighteen, male, HATOURI'S ex-boyfriend

HACHIRO - Eighteen, male, student at Iguru Karate Academy

SABURO - Seventeen, male, HATOURI'S best friend, student at Iguru Karate Academy

TAKASHI-SAN - Twenty-seven, male, instructor at Iguru Karate Academy





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