Loving You [Loving Series Book 1]

Aiden Kingston has it all. Due to take over several business from his father and uncle, having tight ties to the underworld and being a very wealthy and very powerful family in general, he tends to get exactly what he wants. Esme Taylor is a hard working, single mother of 3. After getting pregenant with twins from a one night stand 6 years ago, she was left with two 5 year olds to take care of as well as her little niece after her brother died a year after her having her daughter and son. But thats not the only thing, Esme and Aiden and very closely connected, they just don't know it yet...


2. The Interview


Esme let out a loud breath when the doors of the elevator opened. She started to walk forward, glancing around the large, modern area and smoothing down her skirt in her last efforts to look presentable.

She then reached a large, stainless steel counter. The woman at the desk looked up and looked her up and down with a slight crease between her bros before smiling politely.

'Do you want to be any faker?' She thought to herself.

"Can I help you?" The woman, presumably the secretary asked.

"I'm here for an interview with Mr Kingston?" She asked, although it did sound more like a question.

"Right this way." The secretary smiled wider although it was still fake.

Esme clasped her hands together in front of her and quickly followed behind the secretary.

"I'm afraid Mr Kingston has gone to a lunch meeting so you will be interviewed by his father." She informed me. She nodded and gulped.

The secretary knocked on the door and opened it when a smooth drawl told her to come in.

"Your son's 9 O'Clock is here." She informed him.

"Okay, leave us to it then." He answered.

Esme walked into the room and her eyes were immediately drawn to the man dominating the room.

"Ms Taylor." He greeted the nervous woman.

"Hello." She smiled slightly at the older man, intimidated by his dominating demeanor.

"Sit down." He gestured towards the seat in front of the desk. She let out a small breath before sucking a large breath in and walking towards the chair before sitting down.

"Now, in my file it says you're self-employed?" He raised an eyebrow.

She nodded her head, "I have my own online art business, I like to draw but it's not bringing in enough money to pay the bills anymore." She admitted.

He nodded with a pleased look in his eye. "How long have you been drawing?" He asked.

"Drawing in general or as a profession?" She asked.


"Well, I've been drawing since I was about 12 and I opened my business 7 years ago when I was 19." She informed him proudly. Drawing had always been her passion and she loved it. The fact she had managed to live of her art this long considering the economy wasn't at its best at this time.

"Impressive." He nodded, "it's hard to run your own small business these days, especially in the art business, it gets rough for a lot of artist's these days."

"Yeah, I know, it was hard and the past few month, it just hasn't been bringing in enough money." She admitted.

"Even with this job, would you wish to continue your art business?" He asked her.

"Yes, I love it, art is my life." She replied immediately. That was the truth, even with this job and looking after the kids, she was going to try to keep up with her art, it was her life.

They carried on with the interview for the next half an hour. When he stood up, Esme followed the action and they smiled at each other before shaking hands.

"I'll see you Monday." Was all he said to her.

"I've got the job?" Esme was gobsmacked. Just like that?

"Yes, I don't see why not, I believe it would be a waste of time interviewing other people when you're more than suitable for the job." He smiled warmly. They both headed to the door and he held it open for her.

"Thank you." She murmured. He sent her a warm smile then a wink.

"You'll be meeting my son on Monday, you'll be working under him as his assistant." She nodded in acknowledgement.

"See you around." And with that, the man she once found intimidating left, leaving her with a feeling of satisfaction. She had got the job.

The job itself would be in the advertising department so hopefully she would get to work close with the designing of the advertisements.

'Probably not' She thought.

She quickly made her way out of the building, beyond ecstatic with the results of the interview. Not only was this job an amazing boost for her Curriculum Vitae but the wages she would be getting was four times what she was earning with her own little business.

She hailed a cab and quickly messaged her best friend, Tori to tell her the good news.

Esme: Got the job! Eeeekkk xx

Tori: No way, well done huni xx

Esme: Fancy celebrating tonite? xx

Tori: Sure but who would mind the kiddies? xx

Esme: I was thinking put them to bed at 6 and we can binge on ice cream and wine with a few movies and a take out? xx

Tori: As long as we get indian, I've been craving that lately. xx

Esme: Sure! xx

Esme: Come around about half 5 then xx

Tori: I'll be there at 4 and I'll even bring the kiddies the wii games I bought them, hopefully it will tire them out then xx

Esme: Great idea! We'll get them to play Just Dance Juniors and they will be flat out by 5 xx

Tori: Okay, I need to go shopping still then, I'll see you at 4 xx

Esme: Okay, see ya later xx

She looked up when the cab stopped, she was home.

She quickly paid the cab driver and hurriedly rushed into the building, she had to pick the kids up from school in an hour and the school was 25 minutes away.

She hurried up the stairs, shoving her things in the bed and getting changed from her interview clothes she bought just for this interview and into grey sweats and a red tank.

Shoving a black hoodie over her head and putting her hair in a messy bun, she rushed out the apartment.

Once she arrived at the school, she had a few minutes spare so she stood where she normally did and waited.

Adriana, Rory and Amy finally came out, 5 minutes late and she quickly questioned them why.

"Rory got in a fight!" Amy rushed out, her eyes wide. She looked over at an annoyed Rory who was glaring at his sister.

"I didn't!" He spat.

"Ms. Taylor?" A voice called. She turned around and spotted Amy and Rory's teacher.

"Yes?" She questioned.

"I'm sure Amy and Rory have already mentioned it but Rory was part of an incident today." The elder woman began.

"A boy in their class was calling Amy names and teasing her about their father not being present in their lives." She informed Esme who let out a small gasp. "Rory heard the boy and punched him in the face and kicked in the stomach and the boy had to go home early because of a black eye and a stomach ache." She gently informed Esme.

Esme just nodded. "Because of the situation, we decided not to suspend them but they both did get a warning about their behaviour." The teacher informed her.

The teacher let out a sigh and admitted "I completely understand why Rory reacted that way and I think I would have reacted the same way in his position but because of formalities, I did have to warn him but the way that boy acted was completely unacceptable." Esme smiled slightly at the teacher.

"Thank you but I better get these three home, their aunt is waiting for us." That was obviously a lie but she just wanted to get out of there.

They quickly walked away and about halfway home, the silence was corrupted when Amy said "We don't have an aunt, mommy."

Esme smiled down at Amy, "I know but I wanted to go but I didn't want to seem rude." She explained.

"Oh." Amy nodded.


[A/N] Okay its a day early but is Friday in like 2 hours for me so shhh. I've almost got chapter 3 wrote up too so I will be putting that up next Friday without a doubt, okay anyway, bon voyage mon ami!

All my hugs and kisses,

Elie xx




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