My brother is my mate!

Alexa gets to shift for the first time and find her mate on her birthday.But when she looks at her brother after she shifts she sees him as the most beautiful person in the world with a wonderful scent like nature and vanilla.When they kiss for the first time will they love the tingles or will they reject them?Read to find out!


1. introduction

My name is Alexa Collins.I am 15 but turning 16 very very soon.I have blonde hair,blue eyes,and is 5'5.I do choir for school and do regionals and  pretty soon me and this other boy will be doing the lead voices for the world championships.This is a picture of me.

My name is Alex Collins.I'm alexa's brother and i'm 19 about to be 20.I have blonde hair,green eyes,and is 6'3.I do basketball for college which is an hour away from home which means i'm not there most of the time so i live in a dorm.This is a picture of me.

My name is Daniel Evans.I'm alexa's bestfriend and i just turned 17.I have brown hair,brown eyes,and i'm 6'1.I do football at school i'm the quarterback.By the way we are all werewolfs so i travel a lot with my father for pack business since he's the beta.This is a picture of me.


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