The Carnival 》Draco Malfoy [1]

In which a wizard meets a witch in the Muggle world.
Draco Malfoy fanfiction.



1. 1

The English night was supposed to be warm, but my father was right by saying that it was never really too warm in England. That was three years ago he told me that, and it was the same each time. There was an extactic spark inside me at my parent's remarriage - but I did miss my American friends and teachers. Now, I was completely and utterly alone. But, of course that'd change within a week and a half, but for the moment it was still not dull. It was just there.

The man behind the candy counter took my money in exchange for a packet of popping candy that I'd share to myself, and I offered him a small smile before I turned around and stared at all the bright lights that surrounded me. Screams echoed from the crazy rollercoasters and gigantic, robotic arms with compartments threw people around, and they screamed like mad with giant grins on their faces.

None of those had caught my eye, though. They were only fun if a friend was there with you. But, the giant ferris wheel in the center of it all looked quite promising. I put my packet of popping candy in my left jean pocket, and took my last carnival ticket out from my right jean pocket. The other four tickets were spent on games and puzzles etc.

I lined up behind the crowded line and waited my turn ahead, completely lost in my thoughts.

It was at this point that I had regretted on insisting that my parents go have a romantic dinner whilst I come to a carnival on my own. I wished they'd come with me - that I hadn't insited I come alone. More teenagers than small children appeared at the carnival and it was only common knowledge that teenagers liked to judge other teenagers - and I got a lot of very disgusted looks for reasons that were quite unknown to me. Even the group of teenagers in front of me were looking behind their shoulders, whispering to each other - all because I was alone. I wouldn't have minded being alone, but it was the judgemental looks that got to me the most. Luckily, I was brought up not to mind what others thought of me. My parents always repeated it to me - even when they were apart. But no matter how many times they said it, it still didn't change things.

"You're up, miss," a husk voice broke me from my thoughts, and I looked up at the slightly chubby man who was controlling those who went on the ferris wheel. "Are you a single?"

I blinked. "A what?"

"A single. Are you going alone on this ride?"

"I believe I am, sir," I replied, not at all referring to the ferris wheel.

The music was loud up close to the ferris wheel, but I still heard everything clearly. There was a huge line up behind me, also. I looked back over at the middle-aged man who was scanning the crowded line.

"Any singles?" His voice bellowed, carrying over the music and loud chatter that came from the teenagers. His voice, from what I could tell, sounded like he'd rather be anywhere else then having to deal with a hundred teenagers. "Any singles? Is there anyone alone? Any individuals?" he sighed in annoyance and turned back to me. "Sorry, but I can't allow you on if there aren't any other singles, and since you're alone..."

"What?" I practically shouted. I wasn't only annoyed by the fact that I had come here alone only to receive ugly looks, but I was annoyed that I had waited in that line, received even more ugly looks, only to be told that I could no longer go on the ferris wheel. "Can't I just go on alone? I'm completely OK with -"

"Look behind ya', darl, there are hundreds of others that wanna go on the ride. One less is one more. Sorry to waste your time."

I stared up at the man in disbelief. It was completely absurd that he couldn't handle just one more teenager going on the ride - it was his job! I opened my mouth to speak, but a sad voice beat me to it.

"I'll go with her."

The man and I both looked away from each other at the same time and came face to face with a boy who looked about my age with very, very blonde hair. His eyes were so gray, and from what I was witnessing, a storm was happening inside them. He was an upset boy.

"All right. Ya' ticket's, please, then?"

The boy and I both handed our tickets to the man, and he moved back so we could step into the last empty compartment, and he pulled down the safety metal bar, and told us to strap ourselves in. The man then stepped off the platform of the ferris wheel, shut the gate, and moved over toward a box that controlled the ferris wheel. The boy hadn't said a thing, and I glanced over at him, to find him staring ahead with a blank - almost bored - expression on his face.

"Hi," I smiled, even though he wasn't looking at me. He didn't reply. Then, out of curiosity, I stared down at the stick that was poking out of his pocket, and I smirked. The ferris wheel then slowly began to move, and I was amazed at the sight of England. I didn't get to spend very much time in my home town and it only got better and better each time. "What's your name, then?"

"Stop talking to me," he said monotonously, leaning an elbow on the bar and shoving a fist into his cheek.

"I'm Emma," I ignored him, pursing my lips as I listening to him groan annoyingly. "All I asked was your name - not your hand in marriage."

The white-haired boy with stormy, gray eyes finally looked over me, and let out a heavy breath, his eyes slowly scanning every inch, before replying with, "Draco."

"Draco," I repeated, giving him a small smile. He nodded once, before staring back out at the view. "Nice name. So, what are you doing here alone?"

The boy, Draco, scoffed and rolled his eyes. "Could ask you the same, Emily."

I frowned. "What's your problem? And my name is Emma not Emily."

"Cool, whatever, Amy. Does it seem like I came here for a friendly chit chat? No," he spat, finally turning to me for the second time, glaring. "All you mugg - ... all you peop -"

"All us muggles are the same?" I cut in, watching his eyes widen and turn to me quickly. I smiled. "Sorry to burst that abnormally large ego of yours, but I'm not a muggle. You might want to hide that by the way," I added, pointing to the wand sticking out of his pocket.

Draco quickly hid the wand under his shirt, and then gripped the metal bars that held us safely within the compartment. I saw him looking at me out of the corner of my eye, and I knew that he was curious.

"I've never seen you before."

"I know," I said, then stated, "it's a long story."

"I have time," Draco said, still looking at me with curiosity. I looked at him and frowned. "At least tell me why you are here alone and I'll share with you the same information."

I blinked slowly and then swallowed, preparing myself for a speech.

"Well," I started, swallowing again. "Er... I don't even know where to begin. My parent's divorced when I was eleven and my mother had full custody of me - I only ever visited my father half a summer. My mother moved us both away to America 'cause she couldn't stand the thought of being so close to my father. So, that obviously means I attended an American wizarding school for four years before my father came to pick me up one day, and when he and my mother looked at each other, they kind of fell in love all over again. It's pathetic, I know, but, surprisingly, that's what happened. They remarried not too long ago and my mother moved back in with my father, which means I've got to go to a different school, too."

Draco stared at me and seemed to be letting it all sink in, before he finally nodded. "Do you know what school?"

I shook my head, pursing my lips. It was stupid of me not to have thought much about it.

"Thank you for reminding me," I laughed softly, glancing at him. "That is the first thing I'll ask when I get home."

Draco barely smiled before asking, "so why exactly are you here alone? You said your parents remarried."

I nodded. "That's right. They did, but I forced them to go to a romantic dinner alone. They did want to accompany me here but it felt selfish of me to want that. It all sounds silly, doesn't it?"

"No," Draco said. "Not at all."

"Well," I said awkwardly, half glancing at him. "Why are you here alone, then?"

Everything fell silent for a second, and had I not checked to see if he was there I'd have thought he disappeared - or I'd have thought I was mad and was imagining handsome boys because I felt lonely.

"I ran away," he finally mumbled, his eyes set downcast. "The muggle world is the last place my mother and father would think of finding me in. I want to blend in so I watched all the other kids my age and I followed them here. summoned a wallet out of a girls handbag and used then muggle money to buy tickets."

"Well that wasn't very smart, was it?" I said. "The ministry will have your arse if you're not careful."

"My father works for the minister of magic. I'll be fine."

"How long do you plan on running away?" I asked, not daring to ask why he had run away.

He shrugged and leaned back into the compartment, exhaling heavily. "Probably a few more hours. Do you know what the time is?"

Pulling up my jacket sleeve, I read the watch on my wrist. "It's a quarter to eight."

As soon as I said this, the ferris wheel slowed to a stop, and Draco and I were at the top of the ferris wheel, watching compartments slow to a stop at the bottom one by one. The ferris wheel stopped every half a minute to allow the teenagers off the ferris wheel, and we were nearing the bottom of it quicker than I thought. Along the way down, I offered Draco some popping candy, and in exchange he held his nose in the air.

"I am not eating disgusting, filthy muggle food."

"Oh, come on. Popping candy is kind of like magic."

Draco finally gave in and ate the popping candy, and the sound of it jumping around his tongue was loud, and his eyes were bigger than I'd seen them all night.

The man who had let us on the ferris wheel unlocked the metal bar and lifted it over our heads and before Draco or I could unstrap ourselves, the man had already done it for us.

"Um, well," I said awkwardly once Draco and I were away from the ferris wheel. "Thanks for coming on the ferris wheel with me."

"Ferris wheel..." Draco mumbled, staring up at the giant ferris wheel. I blinked at him, shuffling on my feet.

"You don't get out much in the muggle world, do you?"

Draco dropped his head and looked at me. "No. Never."

"Any way, that was my last ticket," I smiled sadly. For a second, I thought Draco had also looked sad, but then I blinked and it was gone. "I suppose I should go home now. Hopefully whatever school I'm going to, you're in it."

I turned away slowly and kicked my shoes into the grass as I started to walk - a hand grabbed my wrist and turned me back around.

"Wait," Draco said, quickly letting me go. "Maybe I should walk you home. A girl walking at night alone just isn't safe."

I smiled softly and shook my head. "I'll be OK. You don't need to worry about me. Maybe we'll meet again." I waved and backed away. "Good night."

"Good night, Emma."

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