The Marauders and the Secret

The story about James, Sirius, Remus, Peter, Lily a twist of Molly Prewett (Weasley), Arthur Weasley and a hunch of Tom Riddle. And some others


1. Letters and Alleys

‘James!’ James heard his mother yelling from the kitchen. He crawled out of bed and dragged himself downstairs. The table was set for breakfast. ‘Good morning honey!’ his mother said happily. ‘Did you sleep well?’ ‘Yes mum, how did you sleep?’ he asked. ‘Oh magnificent!’ she said. He sat down at the table and took a bit of everything. His father was reading the newspaper when the mail came. ‘Go get the mail will you son?’ ‘Yes father’ He said and went for the mail. There were five letters. Two bills a letter for his mother and an envelope of rough parchment. It was addressed to him in emerald green ink.


                                               James Fleamont Potter

                                               The room by the stairs

                                                 17 Velvet Crescent,



He turned the envelope over. A crest was stamped on the back on the top left corner there was a lion, next to it was a snake, on the bottom right corner an eagle and finally on the bottom left corner a badger. In the middle was a rather large “H”. Under the crest it said “Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus” He had learned enough Latin to understand that it meant; never tickle a sleeping dragon. He wondered how the Hogwarts founders had ever possibly come to that motto. ‘Mum, Dad!’ He yelled and ran back into the kitchen. ‘What is it sweetheart?’ asked his mother curiously. ‘It is my letter! My Hogwarts letter!’ His father put down his newspaper. ‘My word!’ He said and starred at the letter ‘I didn’t think you had enough magic in you to be accepted,’ ‘Fleamont!’ said his mother harshly. ‘It’s true darling!’ James’s mother sighed. ‘I will go get the floo powder and we will be off to Diagon Alley!’ said Euphemia and ran into the living room. ‘I must say I hadn’t expected that son. Nevertheless, I must apologize for my rudeness’ ‘There’s really no need dad I hadn’t expected it either.’ ‘Well come on then!’ scolded Euphemia who stuck her head around the corner to the living room. A couple of minutes later they were, gathered around the fireplace. ‘You first darling’ said Euphemia excitedly to James. He took a handful floo powder went into the fireplace let go of the powder and said ‘Diagon Alley’ The flames turned emerald green and before he could say Quidditch he was in the middle of Diagon Alley. A few seconds later is mother plopped out of thin air beside him and then his father. ‘Where do we go first mum?’ asked James excited to explore the shops. It is not that he had never been to Diagon Alley before; it was just that everything seemed different now that he was buying his things for Hogwarts. ‘Gringotts.’ Answered his father. ‘Right of course we need to get the money first.’ he said quickly. He walked impatiently past the shops when he passed the animal store he saw a red haired girl coming out holding a rather large cage with a brown owl in it. She had beautiful green eyes and cherry red lips. She was wearing a colourful dress. A boy came out behind her. He had greasy long black hair. They smiled at each other. Suddenly the girl looked at him. She smiled. Her smile was beautiful and happy. ‘James honey? Are you coming?’ He heard his mother asking. He quickly ran up beside his mum and she put her hand on his back as to make sure he did not run away again. James looked over his shoulder and saw the girl following him with her eyes. After a little while, two adults and another girl came out of the shop. The man put his hand on the girls shoulder and started walking with the black haired boy following. The woman was talking to the new girl. She had brown hair and brown eyes. She was wearing a plain grey dress. The new girl had an unusually long neck. The woman and the new girl followed the man and the red haired girl. James now started to climb the steps up to the entrance of Gringotts. Two goblins were standing outside the door. His father opened the door into a rather large hall. Two very long tables were, placed opposite each other to create an aisle. Goblins were, seated at the tables. At the end of the aisle was another table with only one goblin. ‘Fleamont Potter,’ said Fleamont. ‘Do you have key?’ asked the goblin without looking up. His mother dug up a key from her purse ‘Here you go darling,’ she said and handed him the key. Fleamont took the key and put it on the table. ‘Gwyn!’ yelled the goblin. Another goblin waddled into the hall. ‘Take the Potter family to vault 687.’ said the first goblin. ‘Follow me please,’ said Gwyn. As soon as everyone was seated, the wagon rushed of as if there had been set a fire to its behind. The wagon stopped when it reached a big door with the number 687 written over it in big letters. James stepped out of the carriage. ‘Key please.’ said Gwyn and stuck out his hand. Fleamont handed him the key he took it and inserted it in one of the keyholes. The door swung open and James could see the enormous amount of gold. His father grabbed a handful and handed it to James’ mum who put it in her purse. He grabbed another handful and put it in a black leather bag. ‘For Hogwarts,’ he said and put it I his pocket. The sun light burnt James’s eyes when he stepped out of Gringotts. ‘Euphie dear why don’t you take James to get a robe and I will get us a table at Florean Fortescue’s Ice cream parlour? How does that sound?’ said James’s father and walked off. James heard a laugh. He heard many laughs but this one. This one was so beautiful he couldn’t not hear it. He turned around and saw the red haired girl again. She was talking to the boy with the black hair. She had a beautiful smile. Every inch of her seemed to be perfect. His mother dragged him into madam Malkins robes shop. ‘Hogwarts dear?’ madam Malkins asked and looked at James with a kind face. ‘Um..yes’ said James and looked up. ‘Follow me then. Mommy can wait here.’ she led him further into the shop. James could see the red haired girl through the window. She was still talking to the black haired boy. He couldn’t help staring at her perfection. ‘Pretty.’ said madam Malkins and followed James’s stare. ‘Oh! Um… I wasn’t… um’ James stuttered. ‘Ah don’t lie to me,’ madam Malkins said. ‘Sorry…’ James mumbled quietly.  'Oh it's alright boy don't make a fuss about it now run along and show your mom your robe. James did as he was told. 'Oh you look wonderful!' said Euphemia and paid madam Malkins 1 galleon and 7 sickles. Next they went to buy his school books. 


Defenses Against the dark arts and more - Elenore Pineda

Deadly potions, Healing potions etc. - Ezra Maupin

Magical histories - Jonna Dell

Transfigurations - Gisela Petit

Charms for every occasion - Jillian Ficilanio

Stars and moons - Gary Saxton

Magical plants - Alex Turpin

Flying theories - Twila Hahn



James read to his mother. 'Very well,' she said and picked out a few books from the shelves. She put them on the counter and pulled out 3 galleons from her purse. 'What more dear?' she asked when she had paid for the books. 'A cauldron- pewter standard size 2, 1 set glass or crystal phials, 1 telescope, 1 set brass scales, 1 set quill and ink and a wand.' James replied. 'All right then let's go,' she said and walked off with James at her heels. She shuffled a cauldron from the one of the shelves then a set of glasses and a telescope brass scales. 'Now where are the quills?' she wondered out loud. A small man came out of a room behind the counter 'May I help mrs...?' he asked with a rough voice. 'Potter, and yes please I can't seem to find the quills.' replied Euphemia, 'Ah yes Mrs Potter. Well you're lucky because we only have a few sets left for all the Hogwarts students,' he said. A particular ink caught James's eye. It was a ink that changed color but before he could ask his mother for it she was dragging him out of the shop to Florean Fortescue's Ice cream parlour. 'Finally,' said Jamses's father, 'Your ice cream is soon to be coconut flavoured milk.' he told James. When James had finished his ice cream his parents told him to run along and look at some broomsticks or so. He ran to quality quidditch supplies. 'It's so cool!' James heard someone say. It was the black haired boy. But the girl wasn't there. The boy seemed to realize that now too because he didn't get a reply. He started looking around for the girl. 'Lily?' he asked looking around. 'Lily?!' he almost screamed starting to panic. 'Boo!' the girl jumped out from around the corner and laughed. 'Pathetic aren't they?' A boy asked behind James. He spun around. 'Sirius.' said the boy and stuck his hand out to shake James's hand. He took it. 'James.' he said. 'Are you going to Hogwarts?' James asked. 'Reckon I look to good to go.' said Sirius. James laughed and Sirius smirked. 'Sirius! Come here!' A woman shrieked a little further down the street. 'Coming mother!' replied Sirius. 'Best be off then, ' said Sirius a ran to the woman. James could see her scolding him. 'That's his mother. She's rather rude you know? I'm Remus. Remus Lupin.' said the boy next to James, 'And this is Peter Petegrew.' 'Hi I'm James!' said James. 'You know Sirius?' he asked curiously. 'Not really I met him this morning and a few times again today, he seems like a troublemaker. Reckon I should stay away?' asked Remus. 'I think he seems fun!' said James. 'James honey! We need to buy your wand!' James heard his mother calling. 'Well bye then,' said James. 'Bye,' said Remus 'See you at Hogwarts?' 'See you at Hogwarts Remus,' James replied and ran off. 'Are we going to Olivanders mum?' asked James. 'No. You are going to Olivanders.' she corrected him. 'Getting your wand is something you have to do yourself traditionally.Here is some money'  James took  it and put it in his pocket .'All right then,' said James and opened the door. It was a very dark shop with tons of bookshelves filled with wand boxes instead of books. 'Mr. Potter.' said a man behind him. 'I was wondering when I'd see you. I have my favorite wand picked out for you. It might not be the right one though. After all; the wand chooses the wizard not the other way around.' He followed one of the bookshelves and then stopped. 'Ah!' said Olivander. 'Mahogany, 11 inches, excellent for transfiguration! Try it.' James took the wand. His body warmed up like there was set a fire inside him. Not a fire that hurt. It was quite pleasant. The warmth ran through his body and then disappeared again. Olivander watched fascinated. 'Yes, yes this is the right wand for you mr. Potter' James handed mr. Olivander 4 galleons. 'Be careful mr. Potter this is a powerful wand. It can do beautiful things and terrible things if it lands in the wrong hands.' said mr. Olivander. James left the shop. His parents were waiting for him outside holding a large cage containing an owl. It was grey and white. It was quite beautiful actually. 'So you can write to us at Hogwarts,'







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