A Link to the Past

A young man must become the Hero of Legend when a great evil rises over his land. Inspired by the greatest Legend of Zelda game, A Link to the Past.


2. Uncle's Quest

Link awoke with a start, sitting bolt upright, the pale brown sheet billowing away from him. Immediately the tender warmth of his bed gave way to the chilled air in the small cottage, amplified by Link's state of undress and his frozen blood. He panted for breath, still struck by the last strands of the dream, which had felt more vivid, more colourful - more real than ever before. Zelda's eyes were still gazing imploringly into his, straight into his soul, their desperate, pleading look too much for his spirit to bear.

"Ah, Link, you're awake..." The gruff voice of his uncle came from his right. The older man had a foot up on one of the small table's wooden chairs, lacing up a heavy boot. Weather worn dark-blue trousers bore the emblem of the Hyrule Knights - a curious oddity, thought Link. His interest grew as he caught sight of the same triangular symbol upon his uncle's lighter-blue shirt, concealed in part by the thick jacket. It was what his uncle had resting upon the table that drew the most attention - a small yet well-maintained, gleaming iron blade, complete with a beautiful blue hilt, along with a small iron shield that could be easily wielded. Link had never seen either item before and his eyes met his uncle's, as if to enquire.

"I'm going out. Private business, you'll understand. Stay here and wait for me to return." His uncle didn't wait for a response. He picked up the sword and slid it carefully into a holster on his belt, before fixing the buttons on his jacket and picking up the shield. With a deep breath, he took one final look at his young nephew, then pushed open the door and stepped into the rainy night.

Link sat there, shivering from the cold, still trying to wait up and process what had just happened. The dream still rolled through his brain and Zelda's eyes still bored into his soul. A sense of urgency, verging on panic, gripped him tight and would not let go. Now, to add to his confusion, his uncle had just ventured out into the bleak, damp night, with a weapon he'd kept concealed from him for years.

Instinct compelled him to follow his uncle, but a deeper compulsion wanted to go to the palace and find Zelda, which was stupid, for he was barely a man and certainly unlikely to be welcome, especially given the hour. Nonetheless, he knew he had to follow his uncle to the night.

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