Beside You

Leah and Jake were bestfriends, then they became a couple. Two years later Leah moved. (Yeah super cliché) But when she moved, he moved on while she believed he was waiting for her to come back. This is their story. Samantha wrote Jake's POV and Lily~Chan wrote Leah's.


1. Intro

 Hey guys, we just want to thank you so much for reading this movella.  It means a lot!

This can be very confusing if you don't know the back story of Leah and Jake.  This book is based off of a series of current role plays we are in right now.  To see what happens before and after this story takes place, click on these links, in the order they are provided:

Feel free to even join these role plays!

We dedicate this book to the others who are apart of these role plays:

@[Bana48] @[fonzarella] @[Ariel Cameroe] @[Tohru Adachi] 

@[|Panda-chan|] @[Lauriebandi] @[AshlynnCandi]

If we missed anyone, or if anyone joins these role plays, let us know in the comments.

We would love to hear what you think, so please comment, and like and favorite too!

-Samantha Rosalie and KittyInABox

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