Baby Miracle

Meadow grows up as Severus Snape's daughter, and she never realized how difficult it would be for her to fit in. She looks nothing like him, except for his dark eyes, and maybe has some of his personality traits. As she hops household to household before she finds a stable one: Hogwarts, where she meets some people of her past.


1. The Past and The Present

HEY! So, quick AN/Updates for you guys. I have reevaluated the plot line and time frame at this beginning, and for those who haven't read this, no big deal for you guys. For those who HAVE read this… I apologize a million times over, as I was reading some other fanfics, I got to thinking about how poorly written this was, and I actually really hated how boring it was as well as how much I just hated it… And as I read over it, I'm honestly surprised I had followers and what not. So Unfortunately, there is actually a lot more changes than I thought… I took out a lot of Severus's power crazed days, and added in his past with Lily, and later on with Sadie, how they met, and how it lead up to being a more serious thing (but all in his thoughts, I wasn't going to add more background information about Meadow's parents, when it's kind of all about her).


Also, I will be posting a very summarized/detailed at the bottom of each chapter.


Anyways, I bless you with the new and improved:


Baby Miracle


One: The Past and the Present


It was a chilly, November night with the full moon just around the corner, Tom Riddle, excuse me, Voldemort had called a meeting for the Death Eaters. As his inner circle gathered around the large table at Malfoy Manor, silence was in the air. Many of the followers were looking around nervously, wondering what they were going to do next, however, there were a few who were eager and ready for a fight, a few of which included Severus Snape and Bellatrix LaStrange.


"So," Voldemort hissed from across the table and looked around the table, daring anyone to meet his ever-changing color eyes. The young Dark Lord and his followers haven't created hell in ages and Voldemort was eager to get out in the open again, "Where should we raid in a few months?" No one spoke as his brown eyes shifted around the table, the landed on Severus Snape. A man who willingly agreed to spy on Albus Dumbledore's little Order to receive information from them. He had greasy, black hair which came just passed his ears, dark eyes, and pale skin, he was also the Potion's Professor at Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardly. Riddle was still trying to figure out what to do about the prophecy Severus had told him over the summer, when should he go after the boy? Which is the right boy? Voldemort looked over at the spy and inclined his head towards Severus had been one of the only ones to meet his now-red eyes.


Severus sneered, paused for just a second before he replied, "Greenwich." he had been waiting for his revenge against her. They had been close, she took his mind off of Lily from time to time, although he would always love Lily most, he thought about trying for another relationship. The Hogwarts' potion master thinks back to the time where he felt almost complete, and almost over the redhead Potter. Sadie Beckard was sarcastic, sweet, level-headed, easy to talk to, down-to-earth, and stunningly pretty. She had pale blonde hair, which almost rivaled the Malfoys, and pale yellow eyes, which was quite unusual, later on in their friendship, Severus had confirmed that she was an animagus, her form was a small Egyptian lynx, only her coloring was off, instead of a brown-tan color, Sadie kept her pale blonde hair coloring into the lynx's fur. Her eyes had the same yellow coloring, however instead of human pupils, she had cat eyes with a slit pupil, the body shape of the lynx she kept: slightly skinny with large, black, pointed ears, which, in Severus's opinion now, looked like House Elf ears. The professor quickly dismissed his thoughts and thought about his passed loving "friendship."


The Dark Lord grinned, his figure shook excitedly, "Excellent, Severus. Now we will begin preparing the attack, I want all of us in the best shape; that means no going out and getting killed, captured, or injured. This is just a scare raid, not a hunt. We will attack in one month's time." The former Slytherin gave the famous sneer and he dismissed his followers to train and prepare.


Over the various days Snape prepared different potions for the raid, it was times like this that distracted and calmed the once Slytherin down. His new students were especially agonizing this year, mostly inexperienced with any sort of magic, parents were just not educating their kids as well as they used to. All poorly mannered and unable to follow simple directions without blowing someone's cauldron. As much as he found joy in giving detentions, he also found he loathed them as well. It was like babysitting, he had to watch the student like a hawk to make sure he or she was doing a good enough job scrubbing desks and potion tables as well as arranging potion ingredients exactly how he had instructed/wanted.


The day before the raid Severus Snape thought about his ex-best friend, Lily Evens, the redhead who he once loved. He had a sharp pain in his heart as he remembers when Lily chose that stupid, idiotic Gryffindor over him. He told Lily that she was a witch, he told her about Hogwarts, and he told her about everything, everything except that he loved her too late. His patronus had turned into a doe for quite some time, now he doesn't know what it is, he hadn't had to use that spell for a while. Snape sat up on his bed and took out his wand, he waved it and a silver light shot out of it, taking form in a… doe still. Severus threw himself back on his bed in his courters at Hogwarts with a huff, it just meant he would never truly be over Lily, and let his mind wander even more.


At first becoming a follower of Voldemort seemed like a good idea, but then he ended up being able to enjoy a woman's company, think about having children (maybe just one), and then he heard the prophecy produced by Sybill Trelawny. Deep down he had a thought about Lily Evans, now Potter, but brushed the thought away almost immediately. She and James had married a month or two earlier and they must have been successful with reproducing as she had wrote him about their newest addition they had just found out about. It was then he decided to seek advice, he refused to call it help, from Dumbledore once again to see what he could do to start actually taking the Dark Lord down. However, Severus had made the mistake in telling Voldemort the prophecy to begin with because that was before he knew it was about Lily Potter's baby.

Severus let his mind wander a tad bit more about Lily with her fiery, deep-red hair and bright emerald eyes that filled with wonder and curiosity whenever she learned something new about the magical world. He remembered the talks they had as children about her muggle sister, Petunia, and her anger and hatred towards Lily after she was accepted into Hogwarts. Severus had brushed it off as Petunia being jealous towards Lily's magic core and she was just ordinary. He thought about the sorting, as he stood in the crowd of first years still waiting to be placed into their most alike house. The pang of sadness as Lily was sorted into Gryffindor, and knowing their friendship was going to be strained. Eventually, he let his Slytherin friends overcome him, and as he got more in depth with the Dark Arts, he applied them to potions, and under a certain evening where he and Lily would go for a walk by the Black Lake, Lily expressed her concern for his Slytherin friends' intentions. He had been putting up with her nagging for quite some time and kept telling her he'd never change, however, over Winter Break, he did end up joining the Death Eaters. They got into an argument and his temper got the best of him when Lily said he was worse than James Potter, he called her a filthy Mudblood on accident. Lily, taken back, never talked to him since, except the occasional letter about her and bloody James Potter.


Flustered with that situation, he focused back on meeting Sadie, as he had thought before, they had meet at a Muggle pub in London; the bar was small, it was made out of all wood, the floors, light wood, the seats, dark wood with a peach pillow topping it, the counters, sanded off and polished wood. He remembered her as she had smiled at him, despite his grim face. "What can I help you with, Sir?" She said as she put her pale hands on the counter.


"Your finest hard liquor," he replied shortly.


"Yessir!" She replied and went over to the top shelf, she grabbed a bottle of scotch as well as a can of Root Beer. She placed the Root Beer on the smaller counter below and dusted off the scotch, it hadn't been opened before, "How many shots do you want?"


Severus rubbed his temples, "The legal limit you cut people off at."


The bartender giggled, "I'll start you off at two, the pop's on me, and I'll grab you a burger, you'll want it if you're trying to forget all your worries without being hungover in the morning."


They were so young back then, Severus, just graduated from Hogwarts, and Sadie, a year younger and a Hufflepuff, made Severus not realize who she was. Sadie knew who he was, and admired him from afar throughout the years. She was also half-blood, and lived in a small Muggle community with her parents, which is why she worked as a bartender, and the age of 16 being the limit for drinking, Sadie, at 17 could bartend at the small Muggle-owned pub. Severus groaned and peaked up at her nametag, "I'm Sadie," she said with a smile, her pale blonde hair was pulled up into a pony tail, which tilted sideways on her head, she had pale yellow eyes as well which caught the attention of Severus. Most Muggles do not have any appeal to Severus at all, however, this one did, yet he felt some sort of aura as she put his root beer on the counter by the scotch. He ended up staying until the small pub closed, Sadie had been able to break through many barriers of his without Severus's alarms going off telling him to stop talking.


However unclassy as it was, Sadie closed up the bar as Severus waited outside for her, and she walked him home. Making sure he was all tucked in bed before she had gone home to turn in, he woke up the next morning slightly embarrassed with how he acted the night before. But Sadie, the clever witch, left her address with a little smile and an owl drawn on it for him to see in the morning. She had also left the note where he'd find it, on his nightstand under a glass of water, with her clever drawing of an owl, Severus knew right away she was a witch. The two met up very often and their relationship formed either due to Sadie's extreme willingness to put up with the grump or to Severus's vulnerability of actually being able to stand the company of someone when intoxicated. It had taken Severus a year and a half of Sadie flirting with him before they had gotten into a disagreement and she yelled "WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO TAKE ME ON A DATE?" And that had settled their actual relationship.


Severus was still a loyal follower to Voldemort and since Sadie had graduated Hogwarts with excellent grades in Herbology, Potions, and Transfiguration, she had applied at the Ministry of Magic for an Auror position. However, the pair, still not living together, had gotten into a fair amount of fights about Severus' position with the Dark side, but Sadie, realizing it was his life, and they were only dating, had backed off slightly. Severus, having his thoughts together and figuring out what he actually wanted in life, proposed to Sadie on August 21, 1978. Once the two moved in together, Sadie was just about to turn 20, and her parents, although supportive, were not thrilled with the idea, especially with knowing Severus's background as a Death Eater. It was Sadie's idea for Severus to become spy for Dumbledore when Severus snapped out of his childhood stereotype of being a Slytherin. Severus, who finally realized Sadie was right, went to seek help from his old Headmaster. It had pleased Sadie's parents greatly to know that their daughter's newly fiancée to switch sides in the on-going war.


Albus Dumbledore was all for the idea, however, he would have to prove himself to want to be a spy for the Light and not the Dark. Severus, desperate, gave him his memories and spilled about Sadie, wanting her protection from Voldemort. Voldemort, however, was a slightly more scary man to bring up spying to. Surprisingly, Riddle was on board with the idea, and suggested applying for the potions job opening at Hogwarts as well as going through a Ministry court hearing to proclaim his departing from the Dark side. As unsure as Severus was, when he proclaimed this idea to Dumbledore and Sadie, they had doubts about the Ministry's corporation, over time, Dumbledore started talking up the Minister of Magic, Millicent Bagnold, and seeing what she would need as proof that a Death Eater quit being a Death Eater. She had replied memories and at least a year of no Death Eater incidents. Dumbledore later was able to request that Severus took an oath over a year without raids he was to be a part of, due to Dumbledore 'accidently' slipping that Severus was going to be a spy for the Order of Phoenix. Severus awoke the next morning, not realizing he fell asleep to the fond memory of when he met Sadie. He began to doubt why he wanted his revenge on the lass before he remembered one of her last conversations with him.


"Severus… I have something to tell you," the blonde started but hesitated, unsure of how to say


something to him.


"Spit it out, Beckard," Severus prompted with a smile, although his tone was impatient.


Tears weld up in her yellow eyes, "I fear I might have made a mistake. You know I value your friendship and companionship, I was taken advantage of in the night."


"Where are you going with this," The potions master responded with a sinking heart.


"I was not faithful on my night out with the girls…" Sadie trailed off, tears weld in her eyes, she always thought of herself as loyal. She figured he would have some sort of reaction, explosion, anything but silence. Which is exactly what she got. Silence. She looked into his eyes, or tried to, his black orbs were lowered and hidden behind a hand pinching the bridge of his hooked nose. "Say something, Sev."


"What do you want me to say?" He looked up at her, "I've told you all my fears, secrets, and this is how you repay me for finally being kind. You've just showed me I can love nor trust anyone to keep their promises to me. Unless they are family."




"Don't, don't try and fix this, I trusted you. I told you all about Lily Evans. I told you about who I am, a wizard and a Death Eater. I told you about the prophecy. You helped me decide to become a double spy. And how to make my potions classes more enjoyable and at a better pace for students. I helped you learn so much about the Dark Arts and defensive spells. How could you do this to me? To us?" Severus said, stone-cold facial expression on the outside, welding fiery anger on the inside, he blood was boiling.


"I didn't mean do. It was a mistake! I swear I must have been slipped some sort of Willingness potion," Sadie protested.


"How could you know?"


"Because not all potions erase one's memories, Severus. I know when I was taken advantage of and this was one of those times. The man must have slipped something into my drink as I was dancing," Sadie snapped, she took a deep breath and sighed, "I'm sorry, if you want you can take my memories, things do seem hazy as I try to recall them now."


Severus sneered, "I don't want your memories you wretched hag. Why would I want to see my fiancée doing to dirty with another man?"


Sadie sighed and gave up, the two had lived together for the past year, she went to the guest bedroom and he went to the master bedroom, angry, so he got up and went for a walk around the city. Silently cursing this random man, as well as finding street rats to torcher. In the morning, when he returned to their apartment, Sadie was gone and left a note.


Severus,I am unable to clear my head of last night's argument, I am unhappy with how it turned out. I wish you would believe me about the potion, however, I can see in your stony eyes that you are doubtful. Therefore, I am releasing you to the wizarding world without being tied down to a witch who is unfaithful. It took me a while to even come to you about that night, and I have unfortunately been experiencing some sort of stomach sickness. I have gone to the doctor at St. Mungos and have been told I am six weeks pregnant. Since that was around the time the Willingness potion affected me, I am leaving you to not endure the heartache if this child is not yours. Do not come looking for me. I will not be found. –With love, your Sadie


Now he remembered, Sadie had pieced him back together over the last three years, and managed to break his heart in one shot after her news of unfaithfulness, she hadn't left the ring he gave her though, he couldn't find it anywhere and finally concluded she either took it with her or shoved it down the toilet. Severus thought about the potion possibility, however, he should have tested her blood for one that night. But Severus couldn't have anyways, not six weeks after the whole incident. After Severus proposed and Sadie moved in things went relatively quickly; however, they mostly were each other's support system, with that it was just being there for each other, and other things came later in their relationship, which was much more recent then in the past. The two had split shortly before the new school year started in the fall the previous year, since a year had passed, yet Severus still regrets or despises what Sadie did to him, I dare say, made him human again instead of cold and vile. Severus, that first year, buried himself in the potions classes, brewing his own potions, and research in the library on Dark Magics (with little success due to Dumbledore monitoring every book that was new and going through those which were old and Dark; he would not allow or get rid of). Severus's summer was rough for him, had been fuming, crying, and all other emotions in between since the split, he had become very unpredictable to those he was close to. And now, he would finally get his revenge. He always had to go back and forth between being spy for Dumbledore and for Voldemort, it was like playing on ongoing game of chess, he always had to be one step ahead no matter what play his opponent did, and he would have to play is pieces correctly to get the other to do what Severus wanted without it showing that it was his pieces giving the next move to either Dumbledore or Voldemort. It was rather difficult to keep straight what he was doing one week to the next week and how much of Dark or Light was showing through him when he was with the other.


Yet, throughout all of his drama between him and Sadie, and then with playing spy, Severus had managed to realize his mistake of telling Voldemort about the prophecy Sybill had predicted. He went to Dumbledore with just in the nick of time before Tom Riddle went out hunting on Halloween night in 1980.


Severus shook his head to clear it, he stretched and got up. He made himself some breakfast of Muggle oatmeal and pored a glass of milk for himself. It was the morning of the raid, a few hours before there would be chaos in the town of Greenwich. Once he was finished, he went to wash up before appearing at the Death Eater's meet up area, it was a cemetery that Riddle had insisted on meeting at before starting the raids.


The potion's master stepped out of the front door onto the first stair and apparated. Severus walked towards the gravestone which had Riddle's father's name on it with all of his father's bones dug up and scattered around the large stone in his memory. Severus was the first to arrive, although the place gave him the creeps, he was not going to get on Voldemort's bad side by showing up late. "My Lord," Snape bowed his head.


"Ah, Severus, my faithful servant, how are you?" Voldemort asked as he paced around the various stones placed.


"I've been better and I have doubts about today," Snape paused before he continued, his voice firm, "My concerns mean nothing though. The Order knows nothing so I'm not sure where my doubts are from."


Voldemort gave him a look, "Severus there is nothing to doubt, everything will go to plan."


"I know my Lord, I just feel a little uneasy about it," Severus responded, uncertain about his inquiry, and pulled his robes around him tighter, it was cooler than he had expected.


"That, my friend, is nothing to worry about. I want to know why you picked Greenwich to attack, since no one else is hear yet, let's spill secrets like teenage girls," The Lord's voice was laced with sarcasm. "After all, you are my best spy on Dumbledore." He spit out the name while his eyes turns a ruby red.


Snape sighed; he should have known that Voldemort would have wanted to know the reason why he picked Greenwich for the raid, he transfigured his robes quickly into heavier ones as he replied, "I choose that suburb because that is where a woman I used to be close with," Severus clenched his hands while talking, "She lied to me."


Voldemort sneers his eyes completely bright red, "Where does she live." Severus tells him, due to having the Malfoy's spare elf, Tippy, go spying for her, and both men's sneers turns into grins. "Your wish will come true, you will accompany me to this house and we will get revenge on this woman whom you had 'feelings' for."


"Thank you, my Lord," Severus had a matching grin on his face.


Death Eaters started showing up with a CRACK, and the conversation died, the last one there, Pedrick Wallowbee, was thrown a Crucious curse.


"The time is upon us."


The group turned on their heels and with a CRACK the Death Eaters with their Master were gone. Each picked a different area to torcher, throwing destruction spells, tossing potions around, and setting things on fire. Voldemort had made it very clear that no one died unless it was indirect, he just wanted to have some fun, and show that he was still very alive and very well.


"CRUCIO!" Riddle screamed as soon as they entered the house. A woman dropped a dish, which crashed to the floor and shattered, screamed, and her body recoiled and landed on the glass, twitching and causing the broken dish to cut into her skin.


"Where is the baby?" Severus asked calmly. "Whose is it?"


"Pl-please Sev-verus! I ha-had too, you do-don't understand!" She pleaded, her face was tear-streaked, but all Severus did was watch her body spasm from the unforgiveable curse, as soon as he saw the tortured look on her face, his heart thawed, and she was back to being his. He didn't show this to Voldemort, he would get killed right on the spot, and what could would a double crossing spy do with being dead? Nothing. Riddle slapped her with another Crucio and her body curled backward, bending at an unpleasing angle.


The Dark Lord walked over to her, "This is pathetic, she's pretty much dead after two crucios, and I have better things to do. I give you permission to kill on direct intent." With that he stormed out of the house laughing like a maniac.


Sadie blood ran down her face and arms and bruised yellow and purple already, "Severus… Please…" She looked up at him.


"Tell me what I want to know," he responded coldly.


"Severus wh-what are you doing? Think! Is THIS what you really want?" Sadie choked out.


Severus looked out of the window, black wisps of Death Eaters were seen from all over as they threw potions Severus had made; spells were fired every other second. Though all of the commotion Severus looses himself, and just stares out at nothing, thinking, yet not thinking. He walked over to the kitchen, grabbing a ring that laid out waiting to be worn, it was silver band with a diamond in the center with two small green gems on the side of the diamond. It was the ring Severus gave to Sadie for an engagement ring. He held it up to her, "Why? After all this time, why did you keep it?"


"Because I was always supposed to be with you," she replied and Severus's cold heart slightly defrosted even more, he couldn't just forgive her all in one minute, she had to earn it back, little by little.


"How can I believe you?"


Sadie took a ragged breath, she was losing time before it would be too late to get help. "Because I never tossed it, I wear it every day—you caught me at a bad time, I was cleaning the house—and because there is someone waiting to meet you. If you wouldn't mind helping me, I can show you." She knew he couldn't keep a grudge for very long once he saw her, it was all just when he decided to show up at her door.


Severus sighed, picked her up bridal-style, and followed her directions to upstairs. They entered a room, it was light gray and peach pink, and there was a white dresser against the far wall, a white, shaggy rug in front of it which spread across to in front of a white crib. Severus not dared look inside it just yet, and continued to examine the room. On the other side of the rug a white rocking chair was placed, on the walls there were framed pictures of Sadie and the babe, as well with a few says that were stuck on stickers, the pictures themselves were focused on focal points of the room, such as above the crib and dresser, and on each side of the white painted stone fireplace across from the crib; Sadie had always been one for interior design.


Severus allowed himself to look over to the crib; the baby held the siding for balance as she was blinking sleep out of her eyes. She finally opens her pale yellow orbs and looks up into Severus' black ones; he knew something had changed then. Snape studied the babe and first noticed that her pale yellow eyes now had black diamonds in them, her pale blonde hair was just past her ears, a small nose, a small pink mouth, and a lot of extra baby fat on her cheeks.


"Sadie?" Severus said and looked down, the blonde's eyes were starting to roll up in her head and she was gurgling. Blood started to pore down her chin; she must have been internally bleeding for too long. He set her on the wood floor in the nursery and started performing spells and charms to find out what was wrong with her. From the few medical spells he knew, this was above his expertise. He crawled over to the fireplace and summoned some floo power, "Poppy! Hospital Wing of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardly!" Severus yelled and stuck his face into the fire pit.




Poppy Promfrey, dressed in her matron uniform of all white with small red details raced over, "Severus? What is it? What do you need?"


"A friend of mine is in trouble, you can help her, take my hand and relax!" He reached his hand though the fire and out by Poppy's. She was the Hogwart's nurse, she had to know something about what was happening, he couldn't lose Sadie like this. He needed information at the least. Poppy grabbed Severus's hand after grabbing a few potions and her wand. She immediately went to work as she saw Sadie's lifeless body on the floor.


"Oh no, this isn't good," the medicine witch muttered to herself. "Severus, fetch St. Mungo's best healers, she is not in good condition," Poppy said aloud as she continued on examining Sadie's body.


Severus hesitated, "I want to be here if she dies."


"She's going to die if you stay!" Poppy shouted, causing Severus to finch. "NOW GO!"


Severus spun on his heel. CRACK. He felt like he was being sucked into a compressed air tunnel, and with another CRACK he was back on his feet in front of the Wizard Hospital. "HELP! HEALER! I need help!" He yelled as he raced inside.


"Sir, what is the problem?" A male nurse walked up to Severus with his palms up. The man was dressed in blue wizard scrubs with a white lab coat on.


"My… Friend, she seems to be internally bleeding. You have to come with me," Severus said desperately.


"Where is he or she?" the nurse asked calmly.


"Will you come with me? She's at the house, she's choking on her own blood and her eyes were rolling around in her head," Severus quickly replied, they were losing time!


The male nurse turned around, "I NEED A CODE BLUE TEAM WITH ME NOW!" A group of four or five other wizards raced over and the nurse turned back to Severus, "Where are we going?"


"15 Diamond Terrace, Greenwich, London," Severus rattled off.


There was a bunch of CRACKS from the wizards and witches apperating before Severus realized he had turned on the spot as well and was unable to breathe.


Severus sunk to the floor as soon as his feet hit the wood, regret numbed him to the core because he didn't let Sadie explain anything, "I'm sorry Sadie…"


Severus Snape was rutted to the floor of a house that had a dying women and an unnoticed baby girl, as the rest of the world seemed to spin by, the nurses conjuring up a stretcher, securing Sadie to it, and rushed out of the room leaving Severus and Poppy in the room with the babe. Poppy looked around wildly and spotted Severus still frozen on the floor, "Come now, Severus," She said in a warm voice, "It's not the end of the world, she'll survive. You did the right thing."


He just shook his head, heavily held out his right arm, and pulled up his sleeve, showing his Dark Mark. Poppy smiled grimly, "I've known all along, Severus, I do my background checks on all the professor's at Hogwarts, I need to know who to go to for help if and when I need it." She patted his shoulder and helped him to his feet, "Now, now, Severus, you are a good man, Sadie helped you with that, I saw how happy you became when you were the new professor at school, and it was not a happy excitement over the job position, and how upset you were one year ago when something happened between the two of you."


Severus nodded, he should have realized that Poppy of all people, would notice differences in attitude, posture, and emotions, she was a healer after all. Poppy squeezed his arm, she only came up to his shoulders in height. She was a short, pump witch, who was very motherly to anyone who needed it. "She helped you realize whose side you are on," Poppy said quietly as the two stared at the fireplace.


A small yawn was heard from behind them, the two flinched at the unexpected noise. "Oh my Merlin! She has a baby?" The matron gasped, and looked at the potions master accusingly, "Severus! Why didn't you tell me?"


Severus, still frozen in shock, shook his head, and the older woman glared. "Come on, we need to get her to her mother." Poppy picked up the baby gently and cooed over her, "Such a pretty little thing, she's just over one year old. I'd say by the looks of things, she was born in May, but I could be wrong. They came out with this new magic where it can delay the womb process and allow the baby to have a better immune system, however there is a problem with that as some babies are delayed yet still are born nine months after with a weaker immune system and are not fully developed yet. It depends on the baby and the mother." Poppy rattled off random information which connected to it. "If not May, it would be August. The womb delay just spreads things out over a year, it also helps the child access their core easier when they are still developing their magical core. However, this doesn't help Muggleborns at all."


The two walked downstairs and Severus looked outside for the first time. It was dark out, more time must have passed than he thought, thinking about how long ago he ate, his stomach rumbled, but it just made Severus feel sick inside. How long did he look at the room as Sadie bleed to death on the inside? He wondered if the Voldemort and the rest of the Death Eaters saw Sadie being wheeled out on the stretcher. He would have to stay low and away from the group until things calmed down. He wouldn't be able to see anyone until after the raid was in the past, apart from his Hogwarts student, which Voldemort shouldn't be too surprised that he's keeping up with the role of Professor.


"Shall we?" Poppy turned to Severus as she bounced the babe on her hip.


He shook his head, "You go ahead. I'll catch up. I'm going to look for any paperwork on the child as well as any information that Sadie had been keeping, such as her job, Gringotts' vault numbers, or anything that should be passed down to her daughter should she die."


The potions master wasn't good at taking care of kids, or for that matter even talking to them; giving them detention and hearing them complain about everything. He was not a fan of children, he wasn't even a fan of most of the 17 year olds he taught in their last year at Hogwarts. He dismissed the thought of not liking children. He just didn't like anyone. He walked through the kitchen, opening up drawers to be sure there was nothing of value in them except kitchen utilizes or other supplies. Severus looked out the window and squinted, he saw some sort of ward, but it was highly weak, he started the ritual for a strong blood ward to keep everyone out and away from the house.


"fortis sanguinem vinculum, quo hanc tenere tuto domum," Severus chanted as he waved his wand in circles around his pricked finger. A bead of blood had formed on top of it and he placed the tip of his wand into the blood. A purple circle of sparks spread out along the house. He would have to find another blood ritual to keep the babe safe from Voldemort's clutches.


He kept looking for any papers on this baby, who has no name, as of right now due to nothing written down and Sadie had never mentioned one. He found her papers on the house, her Gringotts' vaults, Muggle stocks she owned, and contact information for her family. Those were in her office off of the kitchen. He kept digging in the files for anything about a birth or hospital bill or anything that looked baby-like and pink, but came up empty handed. He looked around the office and everything was just a mess. He waved his wand and all the paper sorted itself back into the filing cabinets and any fallen trinkets were back on the desk.


He went through the spare room, living room, two bathrooms, a bookshelf, multiple closets, and through the nursery. Nothing. He took a picture down and shattered the glass, he looked at the back of the picture, "Mommy and Me: 05/24/1981" was all it said. Severus groaned in frustration. Why did Sadie not leave any information about this baby? "Was it even hers?" He asked himself out loud, and shook his head. He was losing it, he had been looking for information for six hours. It was completely pitch black out and the small pink owl on the gray wall read 1:43a.m.


He sighed and decided to go check on Sadie, right before, he grabbed her engagement ring, and set up a few traps for anyone who tried to get in other then himself. He stepped on the front step and turned on his heel apperating to St. Mungo's.


"Sir, visiting hours are over," a witch at the desk said as he walked in.


"I'm just here to see… my fiancée and our baby, Poppy Promfrey took her here after the attack. I had to get our affairs in order in case she passed away…" Severus trailed off, "Sadie Beckard didn't pass did she?"


The women behind the desk softened, and started searching through files, "Okay sir, you said Sadie Beckard?" Severus nodded. She took out the paper and waved her hand over a quill, it sprang to life, "Relation: Fiancée; Name?"


"Severus Tobias Snape."


"Name: Severus Tobias Snape," She continued on without hesitating over the name, which Severus was grateful for. "Age?"




"Age: Twenty-One," the quill scribbled it down. "Okay Mr. Snape," the receptionist looked up, "She will be in Spell Damage, fourth floor, room 473" she handed him a map, which had directions to go through the building, "This might help you, if you wave your hand above it it's sort of like a Muggle pop-up book. Also, here's my card, just let the receptionist know I sent the okay for you to see your fiancée and daughter." She gave him the card. Violet Bagnold. He said a brief thank you and wondered if she was related to the retired Minister, Millicent Bagnold.


Severus felt butterflies as he walked over towards the elevator, having a slightly rough time with the receptionist on the fourth floor was adamant on visiting hours. He showed her Violet's card and she slightly relaxed. "Okay, Sir, but you'll have to change since you were outside," she bruised herself into finding a pair of clean scrubs. "Here, put these on, they'll expand or shrink to fit you, you'll have to put your clothes in a plastic bag, the only thing you can keep on is your underwear, socks, and shoes, but you'll need to wear these over your shoes." She handed Severus two blue shower cap looking things.


"I wear these on my shoes?"


"Like this," She pulled another one from her pocket, wrapping it around her shoe. "It's very slippery, so be careful."


Severus nodded before questioning, "Why do I have to change?"


"Sadie Beckard is in the more intensive care section of spell damage, she's very unstable right now and any bacteria or virus could kill her, even if it's just the common cold," the receptionist replied.


He gave a slight nod and walked into the bathroom to change, his heart beat started racing the closer he became to seeing Sadie and her daughter again. Severus stepped out of the bathroom after he was done changing; his hands started to sweat. Never had he been this nervous before. Step by step, his legs felt like they were getting even heavier as he came closer to Room 473.


So that's the new and improved Chapter One. Hopefully, I make it more believable that Severus could be the father, of course, he will be taking on the role of dad to Meadow anyways.


Summary of Chapter One:


"Greenwich," Severus said to the Dark Lord, it was time he got his revenge for the blonde who broke his heart after four years of dating. She had actually managed to take his mind off of the redhead he had fallen for when he was just ten years old.


Sadie Beckard, was in Hufflepuff, she was just 17 years old when her and Severus met at a Muggle bar, he apparently had a very long day. He was conflicted about something, and Sadie, worked as a bartender in the summers, she was going into her seventh year at Hogwarts. She had admired Severus from afar at school, he had no idea who she was anyways.


After he required the hardest liquor the pub carried, Sadie was able to get him to cheer up after a couple drinks as well as with her charming personality. The rest is history, so to speak, until one night where Sadie had went out with a few of her old friends, and she told Severus she was drugged and doesn't remember if she was faithful or not. Obviously, Severus was pissed, and called off the engagement (he had proposed to her the year pervious, he was 20 and she was 19). It was Sadie who convinced Severus to turn to being a spy for Dumbledore, especially since he accidently told Voldemort of the prophecy not realizing it was Lily Potter's son, and Riddle was planning on killing all three Potters.


Only, he found out she was pregnant and had a baby girl. When he and Voldemort went to her house in Greenwich for revenge. However, Sadie had become invisible to the wizarding world, shutting out her magical world to not be found. Severus knew her better, and sought her out after a year of pain. Sadie, with her magical core not being exercised, had started internally bleeding only after two crucios. Voldemort was annoyed and left with how weak Severus's ex-fiancée was.


Sadie had managed to changed Severus's mind for the second time, and he saved her. Getting Poppy Promfrey before getting the healers from St. Mungo's, which is where Sadie is now stationed. Her physical body is very unstable, and Poppy was caring for the baby (Meadow) in the time being since Severus was visiting Sadie, and on his way there, befriended a reception witch, Violet.






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