Alex Russo and the socerer's stone: Year one

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  • Published: 14 Jun 2016
  • Updated: 14 Jun 2016
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When American and British magic combine, its chaos everywhere. Read on to find out about how Alex Russo clicks with the Golden Trio in their first year together. Plot is mostly from the Harry Potter books, but I just added in how Alex would affect life at Hogwarts with the Golden Trio!


1. Alex got her letter

Alex Russo was eleven when she got her letter from Hogwarts, and it confused her. "Mum? Dad? Why do I have a letter from… Hog… Hog…What is this?! DAD!" Jerry and Theresa Russo ran down into the living room, and Jerry yelled," What happened? Did Justin lose another Captain Jim Bob Sherwood action figure? I told you Alex, stop flushing his toys down the toilet!" Justin popped up from the corner and said, "They're not toys, they're called ACTION FIGURES! And did Alex really flush them down the toilet? Alex!"


Alex stared at all three of them, annoyed. "First of all, no, I didn't flush his TOY down the toilet. Again. That was one time!" Her family looked at her pointedly. "Okay, twice!" Justin 'coughed'. "Fine, it was five times but I only flushed the stupid toy down the toilet because you held a grudge over me for nothing at all!"


Justin fumed, "IT WASN'T NOTHING! You took my clothes and then stuck them all together! I looked like snowman for a week! And I don't bear grudges! Not the first two times anyways…"


While the two siblings continued bickering, Theresa had enough. "Alex! Why did you even call us down in the first place for?!" Alex handed them the letter, it read:


Ms. A Russo


The Loft


Manhattan, New York


Waverly place, Greenwich Village;


Waverly substation




Headmaster: ALBUS DUMBLEDORE (Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc. , Chf. Warlock, Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. Of Wizards)


Dear Ms. Russo, We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment. Term begins on September 1. We await your owl by no later than July 31.


Yours sincerely,


Minerva McGonagall


Deputy Headmistress


Jerry, Theresa and Justin stared at Alex, dumbfounded.


"What?" She asked.


"How. Did she get selected, and not me?" Justin fumed.


Just then Professor Crumbs flashed in. He said, "Actually, I recommended her to my old friend, Professor Dumbledore." While everyone greeted the professor, Alex was confused. Hogwarts? What the heck was that? It sounded like a pig with acne. She voiced her thoughts, which only enraged Justin even more. He raged, "She doesn't even know what it is!"


Professor Crumbs then explained that Hogwarts was a school located in Scotland, where boys and girls could go and learn magic, and although Alex already learnt American magic, she could go and learn British magic. As for Justin, he would only be able to go next year, as Professor Crumbs thought was more suitable if he learned more American magic.


Justin sulked through this explanation, but became slightly more understanding. "Great," Alex sarcastically commented, "I'm gonna have to go to some stupid school, Harper won't be there cause I can't tell her about us being wizards, and I'm gonna have to sit all day in some stuffy classroom. Hooray." Justin gasped, "Alex! It is an honour to go to Hogwarts! I just wish I was going too..." He trailed off with a mix of jealousy and awe in his voice.


Alex smirked. I can use this. "Fine, Professor Crumbs, I'll go to that dumb school, but what about normal school?" Professor Crumbs pulled out another envelope from his sleeve, and passed it to Alex with a wink, "I got that covered, Ms Russo." She opened the letter suspiciously, and read out the contents. "Bla, bla, bla, can't attend for a couple of years... bla, bla, bla, bad behaviour resulting in sending her off to another school with very strict discipline and rules. Mr Laritate would never believe this!"


Professor Crumbs just pointed to a particular word in the middle of the letter. She read aloud, "Unwillingly. Yeah, he'll buy that! So I guess I'm going to Hogwarts!" Out of the corner of her eye she saw Justin's right eye twitch, and she smirked to herself. "Where it'll probably be filled with EDUCATION, and NEW AND UNIQUE EXPERIENCES, and maybe even learn NEW SPELLS THAT WOULD HELP ME BUMP UP IN THE WIZARDS' COMPETITION." Justin's eye twitched again, as she emphasised each of those words, and she smirked. In three, two, one...


Justin quickly turned back to Professor Crumbs. "Please, Professor, I want to go to Hogwarts!" he begged. Alex snickered, and Professor Crumbs smiled apologetically at Justin. "I'm sorry Justin, but I won't send you to Hogwarts just yet. Also, Professor McGonagall didn't send you an official letter either, because she agrees!" Justin's eye twitched at the words 'official letter', and finally succumbed. He bowed his head in disappointment, while Jerry patted him on the back. "There's always next year, son," he comforted Justin.


Theresa clapped her hands together. "I can't believe my little baby is going to a boarding school! You better stay out of trouble, young lady!" She looked at Alex pointedly as she said the last part. Alex sighed, "What trouble could I possibly get into? It's just going to be another boring year again..." Oh, how she was wrong...




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