A Dragon's Treasure

GoF and onward. Just when Draco's life is becoming more perfect, it's turned upside down when his sister enters it. Will he become the good big brother he's supposed to be or will he'll ever accept her?


1. Too Much Excitement

Author's note/warning: This first chapter may tend to be a bit well, limey. I don't think it's a lemon but the rest of the fic won't be like this. I thought I'd start with the night Draco's sister was conceived and I'm guessing when Lucius got drunk at the QWC he and Narcissa might have had some hanky-panky. This is supposes to be an angst fic but there may be some funny parts. Well, enjoy!



A Dragon's Treasure


Chapter One


Too Much Excitement


Dragons are amazing creatures. Though feared by many, they had been admired by magic and non magic people alike for centuries. Their ability to breathe fire, talons, horns and spiked tails were deadly weapons. Dragons arevery protective and would fight viciously over their territory and to protect their young. Recognizing this trait about dragons, wizards used dragons throughout history and even now to protect treasure. There are other powerful beasts wizards use to guard treasure. There is the sphinx that speaks in riddles and attacks when given the wrong answer. There is the griffin in which some occasions wizards areable to befriend. The dragon ismore ferocious and nearly impossible to work with. Why did they strike so many people with fascination as well as fear? What isit about dragons?


Wand makers have used the heart strings of dragons for the core in may of their wands. They were as popular as wands with unicorn hair and phoenix feathers and in other countries there were wands with cores from other magical beasts.


Dragons were in fact mysterious and beautiful creatures. Dangerous, yes, but beautiful. They fill the imagination of many people. There are many books about these fascinating creatures. Their defensiveness, swift flight and firepower gained the respect and love of many people. There were many types of dragons. There were even people with the attitude of a dragon.


There was a boy like that once. He had the traits of a dragon and even had the name of the famous constellation of a dragon. This is his story. This is the story of a different type of dragon and the sort of treasure it guarded and protected. This is the tale of Draco Malfoy and his baby sister, Gemma.



No one expected it to happen—not after an event like this. Ireland just won the Quidditch World Cup. Those that supported the Irish were happy and after some drinks and talking, they retired to their beds. However, some were too drunk to go to bed just yet. They had a twisted idea of celebrating. They wanted to wreak some havoc.


People fled as their tents ignited into flames. The Ministry was shocked. What were these masked men in cloaks trying to do? Were they crazy—levitating poor muggles and making a ruckus with the Ministry right there? Not just the English Ministry, but from all over the world?


It was difficult to try to stop them. They weren't sure what would happen to the muggles if they attacked the men in cloaks. They had no idea who they were, but one person did. Draco Malfoy was watching the whole thing from the woods. He just had a little chat with Potter and his friends. Smirking, he watched them disappear deeper in the woods.


'Potter thought Mum and Dad are with them' Draco thought as he turned his attention back to the scene down on the campground. 'Wouldn't he like to know?'


Potter was only half right. Yes, Draco's father was down there but his mother wasn't. He was watching his dad doing what he did best and it was the best show he'd ever witnessed. Draco laughed as another tent caught fire and people screamed. He absolutely loved it. It was too bad about that underage magic rule. Draco would join them in the fun. There were a few hexes and curses he'd like to experiment on the Muggles himself. Relishing on the idea, Draco pulled out his wand from his back pocket and twirled it through his fingers. He'd imagined what would happen if the Death Eaters found Hermione Granger and threw her up there.


"Filthy Mudblood," he muttered, "she thinks she's so smart…I'd like to see her try to get down if they catch her."


Draco didn't like a lot of people at school, even students that were in his own house. His two cronies, Crabbe and Goyle were so thick it was unbelievable. But they served their purposes whenever someone tried to attack Draco Malfoy, nobody would mess with him when those two were around. He didn't like the Ravenclaws with their entire no good book smarts and the Hufflepuffs with their "play fair, work hard" attitudes. Most of all, he detested the Gryffindors. They acted so cool during Quidditch and were so brave it made him sick. So what if they had a lot of guts? It didn't mean anything to Draco.


And where was the famous Harry Potter while all this was happening? Running off with his Mudblood girlfriend and clumsy poor friend Ronald Weasley, that's what. Surely after all those 'brave' things Harry succeeded in doing the last three years at Hogwarts Harry would want to step in and try to look like the hero again.


"Saint Potter," Draco growled as he looked back in the direction the golden trio went off to.. "You're not so great. I'll never forgive you for making me look like an idiot that day on the train…"


All Draco Malfoy wanted to do was be friends with the famous Harry Potter. Draco knew so much about the wizarding world, who was 'cool' and who wasn't. But ever since that day, those two were the worst of enemies and nothing was going to change that. It was too late now.


Deciding not to remember the past, Draco turned his gaze on the action.


The ministry was still trying to get the muggles down. They were so foolish. With whatever spell they'd use on the masked men the muggles would fall. That would make an interesting addition to the play, however and Draco didn't care what happened to the Muggles anyway. He was unable to make out whatever it was any of them were saying but he was sure the Ministry members were trying to calm the Muggles down.


Draco stepped closer and gazed over the crowd, searching for Ron Weasley's father. It was no secret that Arthur Weasley worked in the department of Misuse of Muggle Artifacts and that he was really fascinated by anything to do with muggles. Was he out of his mind? It gave the wizarding world a bad image. There were reasons why muggles and wizards lived in wizarding world and there was nothing anyone could do to change that.


Then suddenly the people down below panicked more. Draco watched in confusion as everyone pointed at something in the sky. The masked men glanced at whatever it was and disparated. Draco jumped forward and looked around. Where was everyone disaparating to? Where did his dad just go to? Members of the ministry disparated as well. People were screaming and pointing and running back to their tents.


"The Dark Mark! It's the Dark Mark!"


"What the…?" Draco turned and looked at the sky. Among the stars he saw a large green skull with a snake protruding from its mouth. Draco's mouth dropped and his eyes bulged.


He knew this couldn't mean well for his father…



The second Lucius Malfoy saw the Dark Mark he disparated back to the front room of his tent. He took the white mask from his face and pulled down his hood.


"Narcissa? Draco?" he called.


Pocketing his wand, he walked down the hall. The tent was smaller than his manor, but still quite spacious and had expensive and luxurious furniture. He continued to call for his wife and son. He checked Draco's room and didn't find him there. It didn't puzzle Lucius too much. He knew that Draco knew he had been a Death Eater. Perhaps Draco stepped out to watch his dear old dad doing what he did best, terrorizing muggles. Draco must've been on his way back to the tent or still in the woods, waiting until it cleared. Lucius closed the door and walked onto the master bedroom.


"Narcissa?" he asked as he opened the door. "Are you in here?"


His gorgeous blond haired, large-bosomed wife was lying on her side. He closed the door and watched her for a moment. The alcohol in his blood and all the excitement that night caused him to become aroused. Looking at his wife in bed just made him want her more. He grinned and placed his Death Eater mask on the dresser.


"Narcissa, are you asleep?" he questioned huskily.


Hearing his voice, Narcissa turned onto her back and looked owlishly at him. "I knew it was only a matter of time before you put your mask on again, Lucius," she muttered. She huffed and sat up, the blankets falling from her chest to reveal her silky silver nightgown. "But did you have to pick a time when the Ministry are within earshot?"


"Oh, have I upset you, my dear?" Lucius asked.


"What were you thinking?" she demanded. "You could've been caught!"


"Well, I wasn't," he said.


"Did you see Draco?" she asked.


"No," Lucius answered, "I suppose he was watching me."


"We should go get him," Narcissa made to get up but Lucius pushed her down.


"He'll be fine," Lucius said softly. "Why don't we just enjoy the time we've got alone?"


"Are you implying that we make love?" she demanded.


"You've got a better idea?" he asked.


"Draco would hear us," she stated.


"'Cissa, he's not even here," he muttered, "and when he does come into the tent he'll know better not to come into our bedroom."


"Well, we do tend to be a little loud," Narcissa reminded him with a slight grin.


He returned it. "You do remember our first time together, my lovely?"


"Yes," she replied, "it was excellent."


"Shall we see if we can do better?"


Narcissa laughed and reached her wand on the dresser. Making love with her husband was like having a duel—it was all about how quickly and how flashy they could 'disarm' their 'opponent.


"All right then," she stated, jumping to her feet and pointing her wand at her husband. "Get your wand—I'm assuming you've had quite enough practice tonight?"


"Yes," he replied as he pulled his wand out of his pocket. "On three?"










Lucius was hit with a Tickling Charm the same time Narcissa received a Levitation Spell.


"Haven't you levitated enough people tonight, Lucius?" Narcissa asked slyly.


Removing the spell from her, Lucius grinned. "I do hope you're not just going to tickle me all night, Narcissa."



After watching people freak out more over the Dark Mark and realizing the fun was over, Draco grew tired and decided to return to his tent. He laughed as he replayed the events over in his mind. The muggles' terrified faces—all those fires—how the muggles spun in air and everyone running around like decapitated chickens. Draco wished he had a camera with him. However he was certain all this would be in the Daily Prophet soon enough. Then he'd be facing his fourth year at Hogwarts and it wouldn't just be another year. New things would be happening. The Triwizard Tournament—he'd get to talk with the Durmstrang students the whole year. He could hardly wait.


Draco passed a few people muttering in shock and asking how it all happened. It was quite strange. What was the Dark Mark doing in the sky? He knew only Death Eaters could conjure that spell and from what Draco was able to figure, all the Death Eaters had been there levitating the muggles. Did he leave one out? Or had one left Azkaban without the Ministry having any idea?


He entered his family's tent and proceeded to his bedroom. As he placed his hand on his doorknob, he heard noises from his parent's bedroom. There were shouts, laughs and the bangs of spells being released. Draco's mouth fell open and he rolled his eyes. His parents weren't trying to kill a spider or pest in their bedroom—they were getting ready to have sex. Draco really didn't understand why they had a wand duel before they made love. Perhaps it was excite them more, or to prove to one another who knew more spells. It was crazy. Why couldn't they just hop in the sack and get it over and done with like everyone else? Surely the rest of the Wizarding World didn't have sex like Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy—did they?


But of course, his parents weren't like other wizarding folk.


"Let's just get on with it!" he heard his father shout. "Evansco!"


"Lucius…you devil!" his mother cackled.


Draco tried not to imagine just what his father made disappear but he had inkling it must've been his mother's night gown. There was a yell from both his parents when they landed on the bed and he heard the mattress spring. They were laughing and moaning and teasing each other. Draco wondered if they ever planned to put a silencing charm on each other so he wouldn't hear them—but maybe they liked those noises. Draco cringed as he opened his bedroom door, grabbed his pillow and blanket and slammed the bedroom door behind him. He heard his mother laugh.


"Oh—I think Draco is back. You think he can hear us?"


"I don't really care," Lucius hissed.


"Oh please," Draco muttered as he tore off to the front room as far from his parents' bedroom as possible. He threw himself on the settee and covered his head with the pillow to muffle out the love-making noises of his parents.


"Why do they have to be so damn loud?" Draco muttered. "If they're like this all night I might have to sleep outside."


He heard his mother scream from the bedroom and Draco shuddered. The long night has just become longer. It was a bit too much excitement for Draco Malfoy to take.





I know, I'm finishing this chapter kind of early but I'd thought this would be a good place to end. It's all steamy and I have to end it, sorry! Gah, I feel like such a bad girl now…but it was fun though.


Lucius and Narcissa: We thought so too.


Draco: Oh please…


I kind of think it was rather funny how Draco's all embarrassed about his parents' kinkiness.


Draco: Speak for yourself. (runs off to puke)


I'll try to make the next chapter longer. Please leave a review, suggestions—what kind of couples you want to see happen. Probably will end up in Draco/Ginny.

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