weasley vs malfoy

Sorry, no spoilers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1. chapter 1

ginnys pov



"it was that malfoy's fault, madam pomfrey! he picked a fight so

i hexed him." i said rolling my eyes when madam pomfrey looked

away to see malfoy. i mean, it was his fault he called heromione

a mud-blood, said harry was gonna get killed in the tri wizard

tornament, and called me and ron blood traider. i don't know what

got over me and i punched him in the face and kneed/ kicked his

stomach. when i hexed him harry was a round and malfoy was telling

him about the bet he and his father made of how long he would last in

the tri wizard tornament. than to my great pleasing prof moody came

along and turned him in to a ferett. moody didn't see me because i

started talking to cedric diggory about if he worked out how he's gonna

defet the dragon. malfoy, even after moody's suprise, still had the guts

to walk past me so i desided to erase his memory. well some of it, like

he hates muggle borns, and the weasleys are blood traidors. oh and i

put in harry was one of his friends so they don't fight, it annoys the whole

of me to death and back. madam pomfrey came back to me. "ginny, honey,

you can leave if you want," she said sweetly. the olny reason i was there

was because one of the profs told my to take malfoy to the hospital wing

and when i did he broke my arm so i had to say longer. i jumped of the bed

grabed my school books and ran out of the hospital wing, i would have

stayed longer to miss class but i couldn't stand hearing malfoy's moaning

any longer, it was so annoying. i looked at my schedule, oh good, i have

herbology with ravenclaw- with luna. i walked towardes the green house

and walked in. "sorry prof sprout, i was in the hospital wing and madam

pomfrey said it was okay to return to class, since i only broke my arm,

which madam pomfrey mended in moments." her frown turned into to a

fake smile as i picked my seat beside luna.  "so was that a fight between

malfoy i herad?" i nodded. " did it go around that fast?" i asked but she

was already gasing over the mandrake we had to plant. "okay... so... what

do we need to do?" "replant this mandrake." luna said distantly. 



soon after herboligy i saw i had dobale potions with snape, slytherins, i have

no idea why i had to be so good in potions, that ment the put me a grade

higher. i was with the golden trio but also with malfoy and his croonies. uhh. 


i took my seat beside heromione and snape began his torcher.









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