1. Doors

I slam the door, ears buzzing with a thousand constellations worth of adrenaline. 

"Where the hell are you going?" says mother in a deadly quiet voice, standing, hugged between the arches of our entrance. I glance quickly to the right, and as I suspected there stood a pair of bright blue next neighbour eyes. There it was again. Familiarity. A longing for more throttled through my body. 

"I've decided that I am going to be leaving this house," I say with a faint voice, gradually gaining more confidence "And I am not going to be coming back for at least a while."

I take a little step forward. Another one. And another one until our quiet little cul-de-sac caught in  the most mundane suburb in rainy England is almost left behind. 

I hear my mother shut the door and for once in my life I finally am ready to be leaping to open my own. 

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