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  • Published: 25 Aug 2016
  • Updated: 14 Feb 2018
  • Status: Complete
"be careful at night.
don't wanna get caught by them critters."

That's what Tony told me the first day I met him.

In Jackson, Mississippi, there was a rumor going on that animals or what they called them, "critters" would go crazy at night and kill anything and anyone. Toby decides to get out of Texas and move to Mississippi where his aunt is and start a life there. And on his first day there, all he heard was
"The critters! I saw the critters!"

Started: Aug. 25, 2016
Ended: Feb. 14, 2018


3. Chapter Three

Now I ain't gone tell you if you should 

go out at night, or not.

But I just want you to be careful.

Because whether the rumors are

true or not, teenagers like to out there and scare people,

or animals could be frighten who you are so they might

accidently attack you, or you hurt yourself.

But you never know, I just want you to be careful if you 

ever do.

Oh, you tough, huh?

Well don't be running to me cryin' because you think

you saw critter or whatever.

'Cause you know what I'm gone say?

I'm gone say 'I thought you said you weren't scared,

and that you didn't believe me when I told you this


And then when you remember you said all that, I'm

gone laugh in your face 'cause you didn't believe.

But I'm bein' serious, I wouldn't make all this stuff up just

for some attention or whatever.

People really think there are some voodoo witchcraft

stuff goin' on at night and it has somethin' to do with the

animals at night, and they go all wild and dangerous.

So please be careful, 'cause I'm the one who will get

in trouble 'cause you been hangin' around me a lot. 

So what I'm basically sayin' is, don't die.



Do people always lie like this in Mississippi? I have never heard anythin' so bizarre and stupid in my entire life. And I have heard some stupid shit, but nothin' like this. So yeah, I told him I ain't scared. 'Cause it sounds dumb. Whoever made this rumor up probably wanted some attention. And the people here are crazy to believe it. Why would a witch put a spell on animals to act crazy at night? They already are crazy! My head hurts now. Gotta go.

Signing out,





So how was that? I really like this. I'm still trying to get used to this site, but please comment, like, or whatever haha




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