If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


1. Beginning of the journey

Chapter 1

“Can we overcome our own selves?” was the most common question for the orphans of the Low Region. In this world, people leave in distinctly different environment based on their “ability to manipulate their surroundings”. From the highest to lowest, there are Grand region, High Region, Middle Region, and Low Region. The ability of our power has been determined to be directly from our parents, and most of people from the Grand Region has ability to control forces such as gravity, attraction, and friction. Even if you have strong ability, it requires your calculation ability to control it fluently, but those from Grand Region has technologies that are able to externally do the calculations automatically at their will. Because of this large advantage, more than ninety percent of them seems to have arrogant personalities and often value themselves higher than those who are not. “But who cares about people of Grand Region, us of the Low Region don’t have enough “talent” to take care of those annoying stuff.”, laughed uncle Sam. “Even if we had those ability, we still wouldn’t be able to use them to their full potential because most of them require extreme degree of calculation that only supercomputers can solve instantly, isn’t that right Nick?” “I guess it isn’t much of a big deal.” I said. My name is Nick, simply nick because I am an orphan, and today is going to be my best day. Why? Because it is the day for my ability inspection day. Opportunities like this does not come often to people like us, it is considered grateful if we were simply able to watch the scene. The only reason why I was special enough to come to this “sacred” domain was because I was tested to have highest authority among the survey that I took few days ago. If ability is what type of manipulation we can do, then the authority means how strong it is. If a person with strong authority uses gravity, then the range of gravity multiplication and range would be higher than those who has inferior authority. During the survey to see the authority level of the Low Region, I was tested to be “Extremely High” which is a degree that only those of the Grand Region may achieve. In order to clear any chance of the error, I was invited to test my ability surrounded and monitored by the officials. “Even if I don’t have the strongest ability, I still would be able to ascend to higher region!” Nick quietly murmured. “There we go, here is the testing place that you desperately wanted to go, isn’t that right? Said Sam. “I am not sure about the desperate part but wanting to go is true” Nick admitted. Unlike 21st century houses from Nick’s orphanage, the size and details of the architecture was a cultural shock to them. “Hey, look at that country bumpkin, it sure was a long time since the last kid from the Low Region came isn’t it? Said Stranger. “Great, now that we have a insurance that only he would be the laughing stock this year” Said the one next to him. “If looks like they failed the test last year.” I murmured.”Next, Nick, from the Low Region” said the administrator. I walked as normally as I can but I could hear what everyone was saying about me. “Low region, seriously? Why are we even grouping this animal with us this year? “That kid came to wrong spotlight, why would a weak animal like him try to eat something he can’t take?” said another. I didn’t really care, all I wanted is to escape the chain that this society unfairly gave to us. “You have to place your hand and focus your mind” said the instructor. I gently landed my hand down to the machine. The result were immediately valued. “Nick, Low Region, Authority Level 98” Everyone was shocked, it was a highest ever recorded level. Even the highest of the Grand Region only had Authority Level 96, and it was considered to be a genius among geniuses. However, the most shocking thing was not the level but the ability. Nick might have not noticed it immediately because he only believed that his Authority Level was what it truly mattered but. “Nick, Low Region, Authority Level 98, Ability-Fundamental Forces /Non-fundamental Forces.” Having one type of force manipulation was amazing enough, but two that includes multiple manipulations? “I really did succeed didn’t I?” Nick thought. This was what I thought of it at that time, and I shouldn’t have been that optimistic. A second later everyone started to laugh. “Does that kid really think that Grand Region would simply welcome him?” “Poor guy, talent of that level will eventually become threat to Grand Region." Said the nearby instructor. The next thing I heard was, "Gravity manipulators, pin in down to the ground!" said the officials. "Wha-" with the gravity being multiplied twofold, I couldn't help but to remain on the ground silently. "Wah, careful there, we have to extract his DNA don't we?" said the man in a suit. "DNA? What are you trying to get from me?" I asked while gritting my teeth. "Pardon me, I am one of thirteen military leaders with code name Expire." Expire introduced. "We need your DNA data to mass produce a soldier, in order to maintain balance of this world" "What nonsense are you talking about? Balance? Like I would care about that" I said to Expire. At this time, I could barely speak because the gravity field kept weighing me down. "You are just the perfect, orphan who is not born from neither High Region or Grand Region, extremely talented." Expire explained. "If we were to clone you to hundreds or even thousands, then not a single organism would be able to go against us." "So, what are you going to do with me?" I asked desperately. "You? We will eventually take you down to our base, and we will need more than just a hair to completely clone human with same spec as you." Explained Expire. 'And right now, I will take a large piece of sample from you, I wonder which organ will it be." Expire raises his right hand and points it at my left arm. "Command, Gravity Tenfold On Target's Right Arm," All I heard at this moment was sound of every muscle fiber in my left arm being toned off. So was my bones and every other tissues that once connected my left arm and left shoulder. I had to scream. "AGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH" The pain was immense, for a ten year old to take on directly. I had to do something before they do something worse. I had only one choice at this time. Run away while the twofold gravity field has been canceled. I ran. Without turning my back, I left the arena. They chased me. I couldn't make a single sound except screaming. Screaming desperately like prey, I was shot by the Air manipulating soldier's attack and fell down the cliff. "This is the end, when I just thought that I finally overcame who I was." I said to myself, accepting even the scariest factor to every organism, death. As I fell, I began to think that if I was able to use that so talented power of mine then I could made the situation turn upside down. I for the first time in my life, began to regret, with hate filling every inch of my body, I imagined the scenario of myself being strong enough to shut those military soldiers down. And that moment, unimaginable miracle occurred.  

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