this is a story of the movellas competition the Halloween one.

Alexandra Matthews is your ordinary Halloween loving, trouble maker 16 year old. her best friend is the first friend she ever had. what happens when her best friend dies the same way Alexandra's imaginary friend dies? Alexandra is the only one who was close to her friend so, she is framed. how on earth will she get her self out of this trouble without her best friend?


1. 1

15 days. Less than a month to choose what to wear for Halloween. I know, its so dumb, its only a day where 5 year old kids and under go trick or treating and dress up in costumes. I'm 16 well i'm 16 October first, tomorrow. So, until i was seven i wore the regular monster and Frankenstein costume. At age 8 i was Elsa. At age 9 i was Mal from decedent. At 10,Heromione from harry potter. Age 11, a vampire. 12,a vampire except this time i looked more like Mavis from hotel Transylvania 2. Age 13, i had the flu so i stayed home and gave candy to the other little kids. Age 14, i was a nerd, i had no idea what to be, don't judge. Age 15, i was a gypsy like my mom every year. Now i was going to celebrate my sweet 16 and my costume had to be perfect! Halloween i the one celebration i still full heartedly participate in. I have no idea why. I hate candy, i just like to dress up and same to my family. This year the goth community is having a all hollows ball dance. Oh did i forget to mention i'm goth? Well i am! But don't worry, i'm not a vampire, i would never dress up as one if i was. This year i think, i will be my young self's imaginary friend. I never had any friends as i was goth from year 1. I called her Stacy. Funny enough my best friend now is named Stacy. She is my first best friend since last year. Well my only friend. Ever. Bur whatever, i really don't care. Totally not a some song reference. Hahahaha!! So back to my imaginary friend Stacy. She had an incredibly pale face, dark purple lips. Not lipstick. Black eye lids, blush filled cheeks. Like me she had black/brown hair with a strip of purple on the right side and   Red tips. She always had a black choker necklace on and those puffy black dresses like the ones princesses wear. The ones with cages under them. It had a small thin belt around the waist that on the left side, had a sword, a real one. Sometimes the dress was a really dark purple, really dark green, or a really dark blue, but mostly black so i'm going to wear black. She had long boots, bright brown ones that didn't mach the outfit at all. She never dressed up for Halloween. One day i made her, like me she was a gost. What was the night she died. She never came back it was set in my heart that she was dead. I don't know why She felt so real. I don't know how exactly but i had this oh so real dream, i thought it was a dream, of her funeral, that is why i was so sure she would never come back. I never forgot her but she really reminds me of the real Stacy. The real Stacy is a kind loving person who is also goth like me. Stacy has blond hair that is slightly waved and usually in a messy bun. She can turn anything into a masterpiece of art work and always cheer me up. She has a pale face like me and a bit of a sunken completion. I don't mind, she is still my best friend. Stacy and me are always together nothing can pry us apart. We have all our classes together and we have all of each other's clothes mixed. We alternate days at home. On day i'm home and the other i'm at Stacy's. our moms are really good friends now, they were high school enemy's. Stacy never goes trick or treating, but i never force her, i have this weird feeling something will happen, something very bad. 

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