The girl who lived

What if Harry Potter had a twin sister? A Harry Potter fanfiction


2. Preslee's Pov

Hi I'm preslee and yes I'm Harry Potters sister and yes I am the girl who lived and I live with my Aunt and uncle and cousins and there names are Petunia, Vernon, and Dudley and they are mean to us and I don't know why. They don't even feed us and sometimes I cry at night and it's not fair to treat your family like that at all. Harry and me get bullied at school and I don't have any friends and not even Harry and it breaks my heart sometimes I feel like I want to get out of here and start a new life. Today is Dudleys birthday hooray (hint the sarcasm) and he kept complaining that he didn't want us to go to the zoo with him and I wanted to go to the zoo and I love going to it


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