Drifting Like Waves

A poem


1. Drifting Like Waves

What is it that I have done so wrong,

For karma to present me

in such an awful situation as this.

For my heart to betray me

In this undeniably treacherous manner

and rip out the very foundations

of my soul

and my heart

and my lungs.

Until I can barely breathe for all this feeling

all these messy thoughts.

And sometimes when I think of you

it is not with pain of heartbreak

but with the tender blush of love

Before finally I think to myself

'What a cruel thing the heart is

to destroy me in such a beautiful way.'

As you drift away from me,

further and further every day,

like an ocean waving a soft goodbye to the shore

which loves it so deeply and truly

though it knows it cannot stay forever

For like the ocean, you are always moving

always waving me a heartfelt goodbye

As I am trampled by your other lovers

racing down to meet you

The ones you love

far dearer than you love me

As for all the times I speak

all the times I try to show my love

you leave me for them

And though they too are dear to me

none is so dear as you

and I cannot voice my

secret, deadly love for you

For it is wrong, so wrong,

and you have loved so many others in the past,

but never me

and now you love another,

yet still it is not me

It is never me.


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