Bah! Another Weasley!

Meet Willow Weasley, older than Ron, younger than the twins. She's definitely a Weasley, with her red hair and freckles. But, what if she wasn't sorted into Gryffindor like the rest of her family?


1. Slytherin

I remember it like it was yesterday. My Sorting did not go at all like I, or the rest of my family, had suspected. I still remember the voice of the hat. That blasted hat.

"A Weasley? Hmm...I don't know about that. You're loads different than the other members of your family that I've Sorted before...I think, you'd better be...SLYTHERIN!"

The whole Hall was surprised, especially me and my older brothers, Fred, George, and Percy. When I got a letter from my parents the next day, they were completely shocked. I felt miserable. I never thought that I'd be Sorted into the house if the snake. Why did it have to be me?

A year later, my little brother, Ron, was coming to Hogwarts. And, a particular someone. Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived. Of course, Ron and Harry had both become Gryffindors, and probably polishing over the fact that I'd become a Slytherin.

The main reasons why I was so upset about being a Slytherin, was because I was pretty sure my parents were disappointed in me. I had also been really close to my older twin brothers, Fred and George. I loved pulling pranks with them, and when they went to Hogwarts for their first year, they left me alone for awhile. Then, it was my turn to come. I was so excited. My whole family told me that I'd become a Gryffindor. Nope. They were wrong. All of them.

Most of the time, I ignored the fact that I was, in fact a Slytherin. It didn't keep me away from my family. I still played pranks with Fred and George, I still hung with out with them, I still did all the things that I would've done, had I been a Gryffindor. I wished I could give that dumb hat a piece of my mind. It was the one who caused me this.

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