Guilty Pleasures (COMPLETED )

basicly its heromione's guilty pleasures for the one shot competition. this one i like, plz read and like and fav!!!!!!!!!

Harmony ship.


1. Guilty Pleasures

heromione's pov


"H-Harry! What sre you doing here?" Hermione sputtered, as Harry walked into the Grifindor comman room as the chimes rang at midnight. She tossed a book under her arm chair and wrapped her fluffy purple robe tightly around herself. 


Harry froze in the door way, eyeing his friend suspiciously. She looked as guilty as Ron always did after he finished the last caudrun cake. She also looked very cute and cozy in her pj's next to the fire. Harry watched as she slid something under the armchair with her slipper clauded foot. 


Heromione cleared her throat, attempting to sound casual. "I thought you were going home with Ron for the holidays." She managed as she tucked something in her pocket. "I didn't want to leave you here alone, tou know because nobody else from our house is staying," he said with his usual loppy grin. "Especially since your acting so strange all of a sudden... What did you just throw behind the Christmas tree?" He asked running a hand  in his messy hair. 


"Nothing!" She insisted. "Nothing is going on here, i just simply thought i was alone in the tower." Heromione chuckled uncomfortably. "Heromione, you are the worst lier i have ever met," Harry said before lunging behind the tree. Heromione was too quick and reached for the object before he could. Harry tumbled onto her as she stuffed something into her mouth. 


"Heromione! You've eaten the evidence! What was that?" 

Heromione swallowed and smiled. "You'll never know." 


Harry glared at her, keeping her pinned to the floor. She froze as he inched his face closer to her. 


"Your breath smells like mint, Hermione." Harry watched  blush, hoping it was because he was touching her, but figured it was out of embarrassment. "In fact it, smells exactly like peppermint toads, the candy you swore was too insensible for you to eat. 


Hermione groaned. "OK fine I secretly love peppermint toads! Are you from every chance! I get happy now?"


"Very happy," Harry smiled as he pulled a liquorice wand out of her robe pocket. "And what about this?"  Hermione looked scandalized. "Give the back!"  she squeaked. She tried to push Harry off,  but to  no avail. " you've lied to me about being addicted to sweets!" He said, poke at fun at her. "you said you never eat them!"

"Well, it's not like I expected you to be here, or  anyone else for that matter to be here tonight! besides, my parents about the dentists! I was never was allowed to eat sweets! Now give me back my liquorice!" 

Harry deafly ate the strand of candy, before she could take it from him. Heromione watched his lips ashe licked them in satisfaction.

"You aren't being very nice, Harry," she said with a pout. "I'm about to get even worse, he said as he jumped up from laying beside her to behind the red and gold Christmas tree. Harry reached under the sofa and grab the book Hermione had  thrown earlier. "No Harry, don't look at that!" Heromione pleated as she tried to jump behind him and her slippers. But it was too late, Harry was already skipping through her Newest comic book. 

" Hermione, I am had no idea you like Batman and Spiderman," you said holding the book out of her reach. 

"Why is it embarrassing?" He said, noticing, this time Hermione was on top of him. "You could've at least let me borrow it!" 

Hermione curled up next to Harry and signed. "If you must know, I was planning on indulging all of my guilty pleasures while everyone else was home for the winter break. You know, eating sweets, reading silly comic books, and sitting by the fireplace all all night. My own secret." 

"Why are they secrets?" Harry asked, wrapping his arms around her and playing with her hair. Hermione scuffed. " please, I'm not Miss popularity to begin with and I don't think it's a good idea to publicize that I like comic books!" "Well, what's wrong with comic books?" Harry asked. 


16 year old girls are not supposed to like them! I would get laugh at!"


Harry whispered to her,"I thinks its kind of cute." Hermione's eyes shot up until they were eye to eye. "You do?" This was probably going to be the best opportunity Harry was going to have.  " I think everything you do is kind of cute," he blurted, unable to stop himself as he looked into her cinnamon eyes. 

And than her lips met his, and it was all worth it. her first kiss was tentative, exploring, as she grew more comfortable with the idea of snogging her friend. she kissed him sweetly, and he held her until the fire started to die.


"Maybe you can add me to your list of guilty pleasures," Harry said with a wink, earning a jab from Heromione. "And you don't even have to keep me a secret if you show me whats behind the armchair!"


Harry was already reaching for the framed photo behind the chair, before she could beat him to it. he glanced down at the wizarding photo of Hermione and himself at hogsmeade enjoying the first snow of the season.his glasses were slightly fogged over, and her cheeks were bright pink, but they looked incredibly happy together. He saw where she had written 'Harry and Heromione' along the top corner in emerald green ink. 


"it was meant to be your Christmas gift, but I suppose you can have it early," she told him with a bright smile. he scopped her up into a hug, and they stayed up all night eating sweets and reading comic books.















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