Times Ticking

Daisy and Daniel have been through a lot together in lives unknown to any other human from their time. After losing 4 friends to the hands of time meddling Trinia, the two attempt to readjust to an average lifestyle. This is proving difficult for them having seen and experienced things that others could only be able to witness in nightmares.

However their plans to settle down are thrown out the window when they discover that a friend has been deleted from time. They set about trying to find out how this is possible and if it can be fixed when a message arrives from an old friend.

(This is the sequel to there's no time. You won't understand this story if you haven't read the previous one)


1. Chapter 1

Hallo! Ok, this sequel to 'There's no time' is well underway. I hope it goes down as well as the last one. I am VERY sorry for the murderous cliff hanger. This should answer some questions, and may make more!

Chapter 1

It's been a week since Daisy and Daniel arrived back in 2018 without Christopher. Back to their peaceful and quiet town, only to discover that the grave belonging to their best friend, Jacob, was gone. Not as in it had been dug up and taken away, it was as though it had never been there. The ground was still covered in old grass that hadn't been disturbed in years. Apart from the rare feet walking over it to reach a loved one's last resting place, the ground still lay untouched. The two of them must have stood there gawping at the vacant grave for five minutes; their faces filled with the deepest and utmost confused horror. It was quite entertaining actually.

To be fair to them, they have been through a lot of weird brain melting things. Time does that to people. It's a very confusing concept that few people can understand. I've been blessed with a head that can juggle many things (Including time). My talent hasn't gone unnoticed and therefore it hasn't been wasted. All my life, I've gone under appreciated and taken for granted. I've always been in the background. Not any more. I am going to make it so I'm different, so everyone knows who I am. I'm going to be powerful. You may think you know who I am, but trust me, you don't.

The two of them are determined to find out what's happened while they've been absent. They have been scouring around the entire village searching for as much information as possible. I must admit, I admire their perseverance. No one has ever heard of a boy called Jacob Stone. Vanessa (Jacob's mum) still lived at 27 Folley road, but she only had 5 instead of 6 children. Jacob had never been born.

Neither Daniel nor Daisy have slept properly in days, their brains haven't shut down and when sleep is attempted, both are plagued by nightmares.The truth of the matter is that they won't physically or mentally be able to continue like this for much longer. As for Christopher, he had been reported missing at 9 o'clock on the fourth of May. Police were everywhere, but he hadn't and would not be found. His mother was experiencing the same grief that Vanessa had been going through; in another life, she had lost her son. He was found a week later. She now didn't even know she had another son. In this life she had not given birth to Jacob.

Daisy and Daniel know me, so do you. You don't know that though. I've been watching them closely for the last couple of days. They're trying to figure out why Jacob is gone and if they can fix it. I have been over seeing their progress. It's not going to badly; slow and painful to watch but they are getting somewhere. They don't understand yet, but it won't be long before they do. When they know, they'll try to do everything in their power to take action. They don't know that I'm here, I intend to keep it that way, for now.

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