When Caroline finally steps out of her comfort zone,and goes on a date their is some trials and tribulations she goes through...


1. Storm in the woods

                  Beep....Beep....Beep..... ''Wake up Caroline'', (mom said loudly) ''You don't wanna be late 

for your first day of school''. Caroline groaned, and sat there for a little while confused and started to rush into the bathroom and slip on her clothes.  When she arrived at the class roster she came to see that Lucas Redberry was in her classroom. ( Caroline had a crush on Lucas since last year). It was time for Geometry and the class had already started to become blank. Lucas had notice Caroline and was intrigue by her looks. The bell announced to everyone that the day was over and to go home. Caroline had started walking home and she notice that a person in a black attire was following her. As she was walking a person touched had touched her shoulder, already suspicious she let out an big gasp. It was Lucas Redberry. '' Sorry if i had startled you''. he said. ''Not at all'' Caroline said while blushing. ''Um,Caroline i wanted to know if you wanted to go out on a date with me''. Lucas said laid back. ( but slowly dying inside). Caroline had said (''yes''!),(jumping everywhere inside trying not to show it) Lucas said '' Okay i'll see you at 7.00.









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