What If he was His Brother?

For the Beauty and the beast competition, like favorite and comment. Basically a one shot sort of a thing, only one chapter.

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                   Once upon a time in a land not to far away, lived a royal family. Queen Merinda, Her husband; king Fred, and their daughter; Princess Belle. Once Belle has has a older brother, Prince Jonathan. Prince Jonathan went missing a year after the birth of Belle. He was 5 years old. Nobody knew what really happened. Belle grew up at a stern hand of King Fred. The Princess was never left alone. When Belle was 13 a war began. The Kingdom was good but the invaders were better. They broke in late at night when the Queen was in the library reading the princess to sleep. The invaders found Queen Merinda and killed her, they did not find Belle because she hid herself in the cell underneath the library like her mother had told her to. "If the Invaders ever find us, go to the cell under the library." Her mother had said a few days earlier. Soon, the Invaders took the life of King Fred, leaving the unfound princess an orphan. Many people died that night. Belle later merged from the cell to find her parents. Queen Mayreena; queen of the neighboring country, and younger sister to Merinda, took over the kingdom with her husband King Henry. Belle pushed aside, was to live with her grandfather. He was an inventor, but had no royal blood.

                  Belle stayed until she was 16. She spent the last 3 years baking for a family bakery, and always having a book in her nose. She dressed and talked like a comaner. Her sur name became French. Belle French.

                  One  day her grandfather went for a royal invention hunt. He had left early in the morning.

                   Belle soon realized her grandfather was lost. She walked around town and asked around for her grandfather. Nobody seemed to know where he was. After what she heard from the towns people, there was no Royal Invention Hunt. The 16 year old headed to the stables to get her horse. The stable master was able to tell Belle when he left and which way he was heading. She thanked the stable master and headed off in the same direction. It was a huge castle, where she stopped. Her grandfather's horse was there. Belle walked in to see some talking items. A bickering clock and candlestick. The clock walked over to the girl. "What are you doing her miss?" The candlestick hopped over with a questioning look. "My grandfather was told there was a royal  invention hunt here, and he hasn't come home yet. Is he here, his horse is outside." The two items mermered. "Come with us..."

"Belle. Belle French."

                       "Yes, come with us, miss French." Introducing themselves, they walked to a dungeon. "The keys are up there" The candlestick pointed up, about 5 feet above Belle's head. After some trys, she caught the keys and unlocked her grandfather. 

                         "quickly we must leave, before that beas-" The 16 year old's grandfather stopped talking and pointed to the ugly beast. 'Only one can leave tonight,' the beast grunted. "And it shall be him." The Beast pointed to the old man. "I'll be home soon, I promise." The beast grabbed Belle by her arm and told her she would have a room in the south wing. She nodded and walked along. The clock showed her to her new room. The candlestick promised to help her escape soon. 


                              Belle stayed for a few weeks before she even had the chance to leave. She had grown a bit fond of the beast. Neverless, she left. 

                              When Belle got home, she found her grandfather very ill. Soon Gaston, the duke she was bonded to marry as a princess, found her, he found out about the beast. The decided to sly the beast. He knew his secret, he was a prince. Gaston wanted to invade the castle, so before she could nurse her guardian into full health, she had to go back to the castle and warn everyone. 

                            She arrived quickly. The candlestick told Belle about the curse. He told her she was the only way to break it. "it has to be a true love's kiss." he told her. She hurried to find the prince, he was in the room of the curse holder, with the Rose. The petles on the rose were almost all gone, time was almost up either way. 

                             The beast saw Belle and motioned for her to come. "You came back?" the young girl smiled. "We need to break the curse now, we need to show the duke your a prince. He wants to kill you. War is coming." She told him. He was shocked, he didn't recall telling her about the curse. Belle could hear screaming. Gaston was here. The two shared there first kiss. Belle didn't truly love the beast but first kiss was as powerful as true love's kiss. A shower of gold sparkles showered over the prince. He has blonde hair, and wore a royal outfit. The rose turned into a jeweled crown. 



The fight began.


It was just like the one 3 years ago.


                          Belle almost got Gaston to back down and leave the castle but the beast grabbed him. The duke relized who he was and begged for mercy.

                            "Don't kill me brother." Belle gasped. "Stand down men! We have nothing to fight for!" The duke yelled. Belle knew it. From today on, Gaston would never be heard of again. His men stood down and left. The castle's servants stood behind Belle as they watched the prince kill his brother.


                           The people thanked Belle as she left. She nursed her grandfather back into full health and took him to the castle.  When Belle had the chance she asked the beast about his brother. "He was no brother of mine. I was dishonwned by my parents many years ago by King Fred and Queen Mayreena when I was five. Ever since, I found this old castle and have lived here. My servants  and you are the only ones who have ever found me." He said. Belle gasped. "Your my older brother that 'ran' away! except your my step brother. Queen Mayreen is my aunt."



Hoped you all liked it! 

~ Ivy
























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