The Death Game

The Death Game reveals the deepest part of human nature.
It sometimes shows how shallow we can be.
And sometimes how compassionate we also be.
Would you risk your life for others?

Let us begin


1. Prologue




"!?" I woke up from terrible dream that I had yesterday.

"Where am I?" I was certain that I came to my room, at my bed, and slept there as if not a single thing matters even the slightest bit to me.

"If it is just dark, then I can just turn the light-" I found out that I was tied up by a chain of sort.

"What is this?" I began to carefully examine the area. The entire room was dark to the point where not a single trace of light could be seen. It seems that I was sitting on a wooden antique chair with several robes on my legs and arms. For some reason, I could sense that there were people beside me on this room.

"Where am I?" a voice of a female asked the same question as me.

"I have no idea..." I replied quietly.

"I just came from work."

"I had a hangover last night."

"I need to go home."

Soon, everyone began to wake up from their sleep.

"Welcome!" a man with a overly attractive tuxedo with glitters embedded to every segment of it shouted.

"You are at The Death Game!" he began to explain.

"You are to participate in this project for a reward!"

"What is this?"

"Its probably a prank."

"What is the reward for winning this anyway?"

Everyone began to talk.

"The reward for this is your LIFE."

The narrator brought a person whose both legs as well as their arms were seem to be heavily injured in front of the room where the only bit of light came through.

"This is the person from the last game that didn't follow what we told him to do!" the narrator gave okay sign to someone above the light. 

"This is what happens when you don't cooperate!" 

The entire set of piano crashed upon the person and not a single trace of his original shape had remained within our sight. A puddle of blood came through the area where the person was originally in.




Everyone screamed and went off control.

"Relax. Relax. This is just when you don't cooperate with us! Just do what we say you to do and you will be able to survive this game without ending up like that!" narrator spoke.

"Are you ready for your first game?"

Many of us were still shocked from the death of the person who was killed helplessly by a piano. It seems that the dark crimson blood has yet to cease expanding from its original location.

"Lets start this game."

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