Elegant Perjurers

For the Pretty Little Liars Competition, I persent to you, Elegant Perjurers!
A compete remake of the original story by Sara Shepherds!

Darcy, long Black hair, likes to paint and fix things (Aria)
Lizzie, Short blonde hair, really smart, and tries to fit everything together.(Spencer)
Ivy , Artsy, likes photography, and writes has hip length black hair with a white streak on the left side of her hair goes missing leader of the group.(Ali, Based of me)
Zoe, blonde hair, mid length, likes shopping, pretty good at school, and looks at the good side of everyone. (Emily)
Layla, Red hair, loves spending time with new people, makes everyone feel welcome, and loves technology. (Hanna)
(All last names are the same as the original characters)

1. 1

Darcy's pov


I walked into Blackrose High.It felt different without Ivy and all the other girls. I saw Zoe at her locker, so I ran towards her, "I'm back!" I said from behind her. She jumped. "Darcy?" I smiled. "For a minute I thought your forgot me there." She looked blank, right through me. "Zoe?" She shoke herself out of her trance. "Where are the other girls?" Zoe looked at me with a distant smile. "A lot of things changed when you left, you were the only thing keeping us together after Ivy went missing." I didn't know how to reply so I stayed quite. After a long time of silence, I asked her about her classes. Surprisingly most of our classes were together. "We have Creative Writing now." I smiled. Zoe talked about what I had missed when I left. "Well, me and Lizzie go in a fight, and Layla didn't want to pick sides, so she sort of faded out, then, me and Lizzie never agreed so we sort of drifted.... Wanna go shopping after school? Your style looks so last season." I suppressed a laugh. "Sure, as long as I can still keep my Gothic taste."  We entered the classroom joyful. I scanned the class to see if I knew anyone else Lots of people moved away before I left because of what happened to Ivy. I saw Layla and Lizzie at opposite ends of the back of the classroom. I guess where all together. I walked over to the red headed girl, Layla. "Darcy? Is that you?" Layla looks surprised, which was weird, I told her i's only be gone for half a year. "I'm back, Did ya miss me?" Layla smiled. "Sure did." she got up and hugged me tight. "How are you?" Layla was so sweet. "missed y'all. I heard Lizzie and Zoe aren't talking?" Layla nodded. "yes, and we drifted. you kept us together, so do you think your up to the challenge of bringing us together again? "Always up for a challenge." Class began. 


My phone rang from my pocket. 

Roof. Lunch. Today.



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