My Stolen Kiss

"Can you like someone just because you were told they like you?" He turned to look at me.

"Why? Is that bad?" I said looking at him as well. "I've been giving love for years and I'm tired! I'm tired of it not getting appreciated or returned! It's all good if you marry Stacey and completely forget about me!" He let go of the umbrella and placed his hands on my shoulders. My breath hindered as droplets of rain poured onto my head, slowly but steadily washing my tears away. In comparison to the clouds teardrops, mine where burning each inch of my skin. Allowing me to completely break down, with every shard left of my emotions.

"You like me!" He said shaking my shoulders. "You can't like anyone else except me." A frown was growing onto his face, completely contrasting with his feared stained eyes, showing that he was scared to break me or lose the last sane piece of me.


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"I wish that I could ." ~Kaitlin Jackson

Chapter 1


I really hate waiting, whether it's at a line for the restroom, or simply waiting for first period to end. I had a strange atrocious creature whose purpose in life was to ruin my own, and I wanted to get it out, so all I had to do is tell him about my feelings. I mean, it can't be that hard right? Like crap it isn't, I really underestimated fates game for me.


I was sitting in my room writing a letter, but not just any ordinary letter it was also known as ",the worst possible way to confess." According to my friends anyway. I was doing this while listening to the radio station called "Kiss on Kiss." Samantha and I have connected for the pass year, her own testimony is the exact opposite of mine. She is an expert in what I consider "love."

"Welcome to Kiss on Kiss in New York," she said.

"I, Samantha, will host today's show, please relax and enjoy the show for the next four hours." She said.

"In fact, recently I went to go see a fortune-teller, she told me that there's an opportunity for me to fall in love, but that I'll lose that opportunity in result of closing my heart. That's impossible, right?" She asked, I was still in the process of writing my letter sure enough my hand was getting tired. I had a dictionary with me so that I wouldn't mess up a single word, I even looked up the letters of my own name. I'm smart I know.

"What I need is courage to tell him about my feelings. Its true that you need courage for that, have you ever done such a thing before?" Samantha asked. I just sighed knowing I was in that type of situation right now. Will he read it and smile? I don't know. Will he throw it away? I don't know. Will he bully me? I don't know.

"So tonight I'd like to hear your stories." I yawned because it was currently 11:36pm in New York. I hit my limit, I raised the volume of the radio, and put my pen down. I walked up to my bed.

"Right! We have a great view of the meteor shower tonight!" I was curious to see the stars, so I opened my curtains, and there they were, beautiful shootings stars all over the place. Even though up close they're nothing but clouds of gas. They glistened with confidence, and just like that everyone falls in love with them.

"It is rare to see them in New York's sky." Samantha said. Well of course the pollution here is horrible. We get lucky if we could see the sky period.

"You guys know that you can make your desires come true if you wish upon a shooting star; so why don't you tell the shooting stars tonight about your feelings for that special someone?" She said. I wove my hands together and said.

"I wish that I could tell Nick about my feelings for him, tomorrow morning." I opened my eyes three shooting stars passed by. Not many were left by now. I sighed and sat down, of course I had a mental fight with myself. Why can't I just forget about him and find someone I actually talk to? I shook my head. It has to be him. This was the first time I felt like this. You know what they say, you never forget your first love.

Early the next morning

I woke up at 6:30 today and I got ready with my school uniform that was just: a plain blue skirt; with a white collared shirt; a dark blue sweater; and white shoes. I ended up at school around 7:18am. Did I eat breakfast? I knew the answer to that question when my stomach attacked my body. Growling, louder than a wolf who hadn't been fed in weeks. Once I got to school, my destination was the bike parking area, as I walked through the school's gate. I passed the sign that read Mid wood High school, and waited for Nick to enter the school's gate. I saw that my hands were sweating, so I tried not to hold the letter so tightly. Everyday I would wait to see Nick walk through the gate, as he passed by I would be happy just seeing him smile.

Every morning for some reason he always arrives smiling, but once he enters school grounds it disappears.

About 6 minutes later

Students finally started to enter the gates. Very slowly one student entered, then two, and soon there were about 20 people here. I kept hearing people say hi to each other, but I didn't care at all, their voices soon got over toned when I heard my favorite voice say Good Morning to his friend Will.

I smiled like a fool. I could feel my cheeks getting flustered. He had an affect over me that even the boogeyman would be scared.

"You're early today." Will said to Nick. They had a very brief conversation , I was getting impatient. What if Will doesn't give me a chance to talk to him?

" Yeah. See you." Nick said, parting ways from Will. Yes! I could feel the adrenaline rushing through my veins just like blood. As I started to walk.

This was my chance he was finally alone. I repeatedly exposed the content of my letter in my head, it was driving me nuts.

'Dear Nick Louis, nice to meet you. I am Kaitlin Jackson from Class F (keep in mind in this school kids are ranked by grade scores Class F is the lowest class). You wouldn't know who I am, but I know who you are. From the first time I saw you, a feeling burst in me, this also happens when I see you playing tennis...' After I finished revising the letter, I took in a deep breath and started to slowly make my way to Nick, until I was 1 meter in front of him, he stopped, triggering words to spill out my mouth, okay well I exaggerated. Making sounds spill out of my mouth.

"Um.." Was what I managed to say to him.

"Who are you?" He asked. Clearly annoyed.

"I'm Kaitlin Jackson," I stated very nervously, fidgeting with my thumbs. "Would you read this?" I asked, extending my hand out. I could sense people staring at me. I is what I get rehearsing in my head. I could hear my heart beating rapidly for him to just take the letter, if our hands touch I'm sure I would fain-.

"I don't need it." He said. Those were not the words I was expecting to hear. The letter flew out of my hands. It landed right  in front of me. My "classmates" stepped on my first love letter, the piece of paper that I loved so much, the tree that died to supply me with a paper that wasn't appreciated at all.

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