Its complicated

Avia Grace finds herself face to face with her enemy and soon-to-be stepbrother Luke Hemmings.

She now has to live under the same roof as the person who has tormented her for years.

But what will happen when Avia sees who Luke really is, and will he change for her?


1. chapter 1

I can see them.

4 assholes migrating towards me.

Blake, Calum, Luke and Mason.

My avert back to my locker in attempt to avoid their gaze, but sure enough, I hear Mason's low snigger as they approach me.

"I've heard you got daddy issues..." Mason smirks behind me.

I shuffle through my books and slam my locker shut. My feet quickly drive me away from them and I clench my teeth as Mason makes another remark.

"You know where to come if you ever need 'help'..."

Every day. Every freakin day I hear the same thing from them idiots.

Mason is the ringleader, and so he's always the first to comment. Calum winks and me and makes me uncomfortable. Blake is alright I guess, but he has a fuckboy reputation (don't they all) and then there's Luke.

Luke is mostly quiet but he laughs along with the others so he's as bad as them.

Once I am down the hall I take a deep breath.

When I was 11 I received a phone call.

I was home alone at the time, mum was out shopping and dad was on his way back from work.

The lady on the other end of the phone told me something that would change my life.

She told me that there had been an accident, and that my dad was being rushed to hospital.

Don't cry Avia, don't fucking cry.

The bell pushes back my tears and I head to my last lesson of the day: maths.

"There you are!" Lola's chirpy voice exclaims as she pulls me into her side.

"I was looking for you at lunch" she explains, awaiting my response.

"Oh god sorry I had a detention with Mr Whitehall - I forgot to mention it"

She leans against the wall and raises her eyebrows, resulting in a little laughter from me.

"What were you - Avia grace - doing in detention?" She smiles.

"Maybe I'm not as good as I seem" I tease. She giggles.

"Oh shut up! You are the most innocent pure little creature in this town" she says as we make our way into class.

I laugh.

I've known Lola since she ran up to me in year 7 screaming "OMG I LOVE YOUR TOP WHERE DID YOU GET IT?!"

I had never seen her in my life at this point and I had no idea who she was.

The next day she came in wearing the same top and excitedly exclaimed "I bought it so we can be twins! Can we be best friends too!?"

And that's the story of how we became best friends over night.

She's been my only friend ever since.

And ever since my dad has been gone, those assholes have been harassing me.

What they don't realise though, is that they don't know the full story.

I slide my headphones into my ears and as I take a seat on the bus and my foggy head tries to stay awake as I watch the world flow past me.

"Avia can you come here for a second!" Mum calls through the house as I lock the front door.

I begin to shuffle to the kitchen. "Coming!"

"Me and David have been thinking..."She says cautiously.

- My mum told me about David a few months ago. At that point they had been meeting in private for 3 months and so I didn't know about their relationship. I guess he's my mums boyfriend but I don't really like using labels.

I've only met him twice. He was tall and had mousy brown hair and a short beard. David was friendly, but also slightly nervous - which is expected, since he was meeting me, his new partner's 16 year old daughter for the first time in his life.

Me, being an unsociable human, didn't try to make too much conversation when we met; of course I would reply when he spoke to me, I guess I just found it hard having a new father figure suddenly being introduced to me.

My mum continues.

"we thought we could go out for lunch together tomorrow, all four of us."

She pours out a drink of water for me, her analytical eyes scan over my expression as she hands me the glass.

"Yeh sure why not" I reply, taking a sip of water.

I pull the glass from my lips.

"Wait 4 of us?"

"Yeah" mum answers.

"Me, you, David and Luke."

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