Pretty Little Liars-The End of The Beginning

It is Summer in Rosewood and Spencer, Aria, Emily, Ali and Hanna are back but this time it is 15 years later… The girls have grown up and moved on with their lives but little do they know that A is back and this time it’s their children stuck in the middle of this mess! Expect the unexpected when PLL has a twist (like always), when is it going to stop!
A new adventure with the all new cast, Tiara, Paige, Shirin, Nithmi and Rihanna, these families can never stay out of trouble especially when they find out that there’s a new A in town, the girls start to realize that history is repeating itself!


1. Intro

Life was at peace. After 5 years of running from hell (aka A), they could finally rest. Aria, Hanna, Ali, Spencer and Emily finally got to settle down and have kids, they lived life to its fullest and never forgot a second of it. Although, they all split up and took their separate ways, their children still stayed in touch with each over and eventually became quite good friends.

They all had children, Emily had Nithmi, Hanna had Tiara, Ali had Rihanna, Spencer had Paige and Aria had Shirin.  

We don't own any of these characters.  Hope you liked the intro, because this isn't it. Read the rest!
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