Texting Louis Tomlinson

What happens when Alyssa accidentally texts the wrong number and it happens to be Louis Tomlinson.


1. |One|

March 15th, 2015





Text Message

7:03 PM

Alyssa: Wassup Queen

?: Who is this?

Alyssa: Who else calls you Queen?

Alyssa: My fault wrong number

?: Wait

?: I'll be your queen

?: Come back

Alyssa: Lol, desperate much?

?: Pft no... yeah

Alyssa: Well I would love to keep talking but I'm not too keen on talking to a stranger 

?: Well I'm Louis

Louis: What's your name?

Alyssa: Alyssa. It's nice to meet you but I need to go. 

Alyssa: Bye.

Louis: Bye

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