The Eden project

Rhea wakes up in the back of a moving van with a mysterious boy called Eden and neither of them can remember how they got there or where they're going.

When they are thrown into a twisted project run by a underground gang they will be pushed to their limits. Their lives are at stake at every moment.
What will happen when they begin to plot their great escape? And will they sacrifice others to save themselves?


1. chapter 1

I hadn't seen the man in the dark blue hoodie approach me from behind.

I hadn't seen his hand subtly slip into his right jean pocket.

And I hadn't seen him raise his arm only to bring it down forcefully against my crown.


Eyes rolling back as I slip back into consciousness, I notice the continuous hum of car wheels and the familiar rocking of the vehicle.

My limbs fail me, so instead, I lie there, collapsed like a broken doll, my China legs sprawled out on something soft.

The sound of the engine builds louder and my heart starts pacing as my throbbing head begins to assess the situation.

I know I'm in a car. A van specifically.

But I don't know where I am, who I'm with, or how I got here.

Take a deep breath. Close your drying eyes. Retrace your steps.

It was 19:30 and I was making my way home after trailing to the shop to buy some bread for mum.

I was walking along George's street, passing past the Italian restaurant and then-


I can remember nothing.

My hands press against the swaying floor and I begin to prop myself up against the side of the van. My hands fumbling along the wall to find the back door.

Cold metal chills my trembling fingers and I grip it tightly, Pushing the handle down as hard as I can.

I hear a sharp rattle as I do so.

"Cmon" I whisper to myself as my heart begins to sprint.

I need to get out.

My fingers reach in the dark and find a thick metal chain, which I soon realise is wrapped tightly around the door handle.

I hear no voices. I see no light. Just the repetitive whirring of the wheels on the rough tarmac.

A groan erupts from the dark and my eyes widen as I sit crouched in the corner.

Don't make a noise.

I sit there absolutely still like a startled rabbit in the headlights, awaiting another noise.

"Owww" a male voice winces.

I decide to speak up.

"Who's there?"

Jesus Christ I sound so weak.

"My names Eden, I don't know how I got here, what the fuck is happening?"

He rambles.

"Where are you?"

I crawl along the dusty floor of the van and reach out my arm, waiting to touch the unknown boy who says his name is Eden.

My hand brushed a damp sweater sleeve. "I'm here"

My fingers slide down the arm and find a wet hand, I crawl closer to him and sit alongside him, our fingers gripping each other tightly.

"I'm bleeding" Eden declares. I soon realise that the warm liquid that glues our hands together is his blood.

"We got hit around the head with something" I explain. He doesn't reply.

Instead, he rushes through the darkness to the door, throwing himself against it.

I shout to him

"I've tried!"

But still I can hear his shoulder slamming against the metal.

"Eden stop!"

The van suddenly speeds up and I can hear Eden fall to the floor.

"There's got to be a way out" he says, breathless.

"We can't jump out anyway even if it was open" I state.

His breaths pump through the air heavily and I can hear him shuffling around.

"FUCK!!" He shouts, banging on the side of the van.


We sit in silence for a few seconds, our scared, shallow breaths syncing up.

He lets out a small whimper and I suddenly have the desperate urge to cry.

But I can't. I'm too afraid to.

As the van continues to roll onwards, me and Eden sit huddled in the corner, his shoulder pressed to mine.

"How old are you?" I ask quietly.

"I'm 17" he replies, expressing no emotion in his voice.

He doesn't ask me my age but I tell him anyway. "Me too"

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