Clear Skies



1. Car Rides

Car rides gave Tyler time to think.

Not just any thinking, thinking of how the sun would never rise in his side of town. The skies wouldn't be clear. 

Birds never flew where he lived. The sky was always rainy and cloudy, making another's dreaded day start.

Dragging himself out of bed was hard enough, communicating with other people was even worse. Tyler hated going outside and meeting people. He despised it.

Tyler would just stare out the windows of cars, and when it was with his "friends" he refrained from trying to talk. 

Whenever he was forced to talk it was usually someone asking why he didn't talk so much. Tyler would simply answer "talking is just another way to give people ideas to hate me for." His friends would just laugh at him and ignore him. 

But car rides alone, with Josh were better. Josh didn't judge him. Josh barely ever talked. He would mind his own business and bring Tyler home. 

This car ride was short and sweet, Tyler waved goodbye and ran up to his house. 

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