Law of Everything

Have you ever thought about a "law"?


1. The Laws - The prologue

Law of Everything

The Laws - The Prologue

Medias, one of the largest country in the middle of the human continent, is the place where humans grow, learn, and prepare themselves for the upcoming battles. Humanity has been invaded by the consistent raids of the monsters outside of the human continent. Despite the fact that humans were weaker than the monsters in terms of strength and numbers, their synergy effect from teamwork and constant struggle for strength allowed them to live in peace.

Located primary in the major river flow of the entire continent, the fertile and the land full of blessings were considered to be the gifts from the goddess, and so the major religion of this world is based on the worships of the multitude of goddess from different areas. 

One of the greatest strength of humans was their ability to use Bloodlines, the type of magics that are limited to one person. Although one can learn multitude of magics using the magic scrolls and time consuming effort, the Bloodline is a magic that are only given to one by the heritage, just as the name suggests.

Children enable their ability when they receive ceremony in the church at the age of ten. It is one of the most important aspects and it decides what will be the fate of the child in his or her entire life. For example, a person with ability that are suitable for growing crops may live as a farmer for the rest of their lives. Though one has freedom to refuse so, it would be difficult to live without relying on their natural ability.

Classes are the most important aspect next to one's Bloodlines. It is basically the indication of one's fate, as listed previously in the top. Those with the classes of a hero gains higher efficiency and larger varieties of opportunity compared to that of the less important classes. For example, hero class gains tenfold higher experience than the knight class.

Levels are increased when one meets the requirements for the next level up. Each level up would cost twice the experience as the previous one, but one would earn 10 status points to be invested in their stats.

Here is the example of one's status:


[HP(Health Points)]

[MP(Mana Points)]




[List of Skills:]


Since the basic information of the story has been introduced, let us start with the story.


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