Tmnt secrets

Leonardo and his brothers are on protrol they see two people all in black who are these mystery people read the rest to find out

P.S. No negative comments thank you


1. Protrol four the turtles

Splinter:"My sons it’s time for protrol."

Leo:"Hai sensei

(*10min later they saw nothing was going on.*)

Raph:"Leo nothing is going on we should just go home."

Mikey:"Guys Come here you’ll never guess what I found."

Donnie:"Mikey we don’t have time for guessing games."

Mikey:"Just come here before they leave hurry."

(*Mikey's brothers were confused who was they so they go check it out.*)

Leo"Their ninjas what are they doing here."

Raph:"Let’s go beat them we nothing else to do."

Donnie:"Raph did you not hear Leo he side their ninjas just like us."


Mikey:"Let’s follow them."

Leo:"No Mikey we can’t just follow them back we’re they live."

Donnie."Leo Mikey’s gone already."

Leo:"What come on we have to get him."

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