Jada Santos is a average girl that is beautiful and smart. She is rich and still in school. But she is not as rich as her friends think. She goes to an amazing school. Makes good grades and gets along well with others.


1. The Knife

She clung to the knife as her body trembled with horror,  and fear!  Excruciating fear.  Before running up the stairs she looked around twice.  But then she fell.  All at once she heard a loud voice " Jade", while there was a banging at the door.  

The voice was deadly " come here!"  Her heart was on fire and racing.  She gripped the knife harder and held it close and ran for the stairs once again.  Who or what is calling me?  I ran into something or someone!  As I went to look up I saw a face!  Lips curled into a smile that was pure evil.  I screamed as her smile shocked me.  It was fake you could tell.

The shoes he had on was caked in blood and the clothes were torn.  As I glanced around at the scene before me,  I was the only survivor.  

So high and so fast smoke billowed around me.  The flames wrapped itself around everything in the house.  I wanted to do something but there was nothing I could do.  Do you know how helpless I felt?  Everything was destroyed!

Her legs were tiring and sweat was running down her body.  There were only 20 more meters that she had to go.  Could she make it?  She was sure going to try.  I heard the clapping and I was over joyed.  " I had won!"

" Lies.  Everything I had ever been told was nothing but lies.  So many words spoken in nothing but lies.  She could trust nothing or no one.  

Times like these I wish I could stop time and never rewind them.  Just let things be as they were before.  

This had to be a joke I do not believe what I am seeing.  His face again with him looking so handsome and young.  I could not take it any longer I " was frantic!"  " I Shot Him!"  Right in the chest.  

The place I went to was chilling to the bones.  It was so cold like a frozen ground.


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