Holiday Misery: a series of sad poems with a Christmas/winter theme

Raye Stone can't remember the last time she genuinely smiled. A heaviness has settled in her heart, and she finds no joy in the holidays like she used to. This is her story as told through a series of poems.


1. Hot Cocoa Woes

Hot Cocoa Woes

As I sip in the decadent drink

I can't help but think

About running away from home

I wouldn't make it that far, for the snow

I push the marshmallows about

Wanting so badly to shout

From the rooftops or quietly instead

How do I know if my pain is all in my head?

A peppermint candy cane, used to stir

I remember preparing a drink for her

We used to be oh so close

Now all that has been lost

The drink, meant for the season of cold

And drank by the young and old

This time last year I was so happy

Whatever happened to that me?

My hands grip shakily the mug

The warmth pleasant, like a hug

I hope I don't spoil the drink with tears

Or let my life be governed by fears

My hot chocolate has started to go cold

For I have lost my appetite

Thinking about all my

Hot cocoa woes

There's no joy to this holiday anymore

Now that I've lost her

She was my best friend

We were supposed to be 'till the very end

Absentmindedly, I decorate the tree

My drink forever with me

Maybe someday I'll recover my love

For this time of peace and doves

With a final gulp, I down the cocoa

This is the first Christmas I've felt so low

Maybe I'll cheer up just in time

Maybe in the end it'll all turn out fine

Placing the empty mug out of the way

I check the date

Eleven days left to go

I've got a lot of hot cocoa woes

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