Amnesia ~ Colby Brock FanFic

"Don't you remember?" "No...I'm sorry." Emma Scherer lost 4 years of her memory in a car accident. Doctors tell her its the best to see her older brother in Los Angeles. She tries to remember his roommates who she met 2 years ago, but can't. But, will she regain her memories?


1. Trying to Remember

I wake up to the sound of beeping and people talking. I open my eyes and sit up. "Where am I?" I ask looking at some people in nurses outfits. "Calm down sweetie." one ladys says taking my hand. "Do you know who you are?" another lady asks me. "I'm Emma Scherer." I say confused. "How old are you?" she asks. "I'm 17 of course." I say scratching my head wondering why they were asking me these questions. "Emma, sweetie, you're 21." she says and my mind goes blank.

"What happened?" I ask the doctor playing with my thumbs. He sits on the bed facing me with his clipboard. "You got in a car accident a 3 days ago. You've been asleep since then. You're suffering from amnesia. You lost four years of your memory." he says. "Where's my parents? My brother?" I ask. He looks down sadly. "Your parents both died 3 years ago, in a crash as well." he says. My eyes begin to water. "For your brother, Corey, he's in Los Angeles. He's lived there for about two years now." he said. "What do I do?" I ask.

"Well, we want you to regain your memories. You always visited your brother, and we know you've had good memories there. So, instead of you living here trying to regain memories, we want you to go to your brother's house with his roommates to begin your treatment. They will help you." he smiles patting my leg. I nod and he leaves. I lay back down and cover my face with my hands.

"Emma?" I hear someone say walking into the hospital room. I remove my hands and look to see who it was. It was a girl smiling a little. I furrow my eyebrows. "Remember me? Your best friend Ashley?" she asks sitting on my bed. "I'm sorry, I don't." I say. "I knew you wouldn't. But, I want you to know this. Try to remember. For me, your brother, Colby." she says. "Colby?" I ask. "Why yes, he lives with your brother. The boy you never stopped talking about, I would say he was your crush." she smiles. I try to remember the name, nothing.

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