The New Era Of Maximum ride

A girl named Sarah is the new hero of the world Zara, a replaced version of Earth after the apocalypses. She is the new maximum ride.


4. Chapter Four

A week flies by when you don't want it to, when you want it to last a long time. As soon as I was on the plane I get a funny feeling. At least my wings have grown, the wings have torn at my skin to make more room for them to grow. I can feel other changes too, like my senses are super heightened now, and i can feel that my bod id lighter. My feelings of being alone does not help the fact that I feel like something is going to go wrong.

I have been informed that I am going to be living with Courtney Makarov, the Royal who is supposed to be adopting me. She is supposed to be meeting me at the airport when my flight lands. When I got out of the airport I stood in front of the entrance with half of my bags, the rest are being sent to her house. I didn't have to wait long before a black limo pulled up. I waited for the limo to stop and one of the doors opened. A chick walked out, and I instantly knew it was her because I saw that she was wearing an open backed shirt and had big wings the color of ash. She ha brown curly hair, caramel colored skin, and big soft brown eyes. From the looks of it she is a Nudge decedent. She held out a hand, which I took, then I grabbed some of my bags. The driver and another man take them and put them in the trunk.

“Hello, Mrs. Makarov.” I say, “I’m Sarah.” I start fiddling with my phone as I take it off of airplane mode and turn it off. It buzzes a few times and I put it into my back pocket.

“Call me Courtney!” She grabs my hands and pull me into the limbo. The limo has tons of things in it. It has a T.V. in here, along with tons of candy, and even has the foot resting thingies that are usually in recliners. I don’t mess with any of it though. Mrs. Makarov just smiles at me.

“Whose descendant are you?” I ask her.

“Nudge.” She says. I nodd. “I can guess who your ancestor is.” I nod at her to continue, “Dylan.” Wait, what?”

“Oh, you don’t know… do you?” I look at her, leaning in to listen closer, like she was telling me gossip. “Who were you told you were descended from?”

“Maximum Ride.”

“Oh, so you really don’t know then! Ok, so here’s the story, you know that Dylan died when he brought Fang back to life and you know that Fang and Maximum had a child together.” I nod at her to continue. “Ok, so when Phoenix was about 7 or 8 they showed her the jar that held the ashes of Dylan. When she touched them she accidently brought him back to life. A little after that Maximum and Fang had a huge fight. Maximum realised that she was forcing herself to love Fang, and she loved Dylan. They had a child before Maximum got killed.”

“So, what was their child named?” I ask her.

“Makayla.” oh, ok, not as cool as Phoenix but whatever, “Unfortunately we don't really know much more about her because soon after Maximum got killed. We do know that Phoenix did not have any kids though, so you are Makayla’s kid.” I tell her about my dreams and all of that.

I even tell her about my most recent one, about how I found out that we are actually part horsemen, how when they all got captured they got upgraded and when they escaped they were able to fight tons of horsemen because of being upgraded. I thought that she knew all of this but she didn’t.

When we finally get there we I get a look at the house, or like a castle. The walls are painted pink, with tons of windows. When I am looking at this house, I realize something is missing. I think back to my dream. Plants, the green things. That is what is missing. After all of my dreams why did I just realize after all of my dreams that Zara didn’t have them?

I'm going to ask an adult why we don’t have them or something. I’m still gawking when we go up the stairs to the huge mansion. I grab the bags that someone had put at the top of the stairs but then someone pull them out of my hands again. When we enter it looks more like a hotel lobby than a living room. By the time the tour of the first 3 floors I realized that I cam tone out her chattering. I also learned about my ancestors. I guess no one realized that the reason all of the ancestors had been related was because of the horsemen blood.

On our way to the 2nd floor I had asked her about her brother and she sighed.

“He was a good big brother. When were kids, but he had his heart broken to many times. He soon became cold hearted and started cheating on his girlfriends. The only good thing that came out if it was being able help you kids out... “ She sighed and continued, “But he died protecting his wife, but it only granted her a few more hours of life in the long run. They were in a bank robbery and one of the robbers were about to shoot her in the chest. He was able to change the direction of the bullet with his magnetism, but he didn’t realize he was being shot at. Then, on her way home, after the two robbers were gone she was in a car crash. Her eyes stay misty while she and I go up the stairs to the 4th floor, then she tell me that the whole floor is mine, and I look at her bewildered. It is huge, more like an apartment. It has a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom. She said that it was supposed to be rented out for college students, but then I came along. She also said that I am going to have to fend for myself for food. “I’ll let you have some money and have one of my staff bring you shopping soon.” She quickly hugs me and leaves, leaving me to my own devices.

Someone had apparently put my bags in here when I was taking the tour anf left them by the door so I put two of them on the bed, but I don’t want to unpack yet, so I go through the messages on my phone. 2 from the home phone, 1 from dad, 7 from Kaili (to be honest, I was expecting more), 2 from Alex and Sophia, 0 from Kamis.

Kamis and I didn’t really talk after our little fight thing. Or whatever you want to call it. I’m  not sure why, I guess it's because I just didn’t want to.

I'm not sure why, but when a know came from the living room door I jump. I go to the door and open it to a dark haired boy. He looks almost embarrassed to be there.

“Hi?” I say, holding out my hand.

“Hey.” He shakes my hand. I motion for him to come in and I close the door behind him.

“Im Sarah.” I tell him.

“I know; I was sent up here to introduce myself and all that. I think that because we are the same age my mother thinks that we will the best of friends. She, ugh, didn’t even tell me about you coming or your backstory until about 5 minutes ago, so yeah, that explains my mother. Which makes me wonder, because my mother can’t keep a secret for her life… Now I'm babbling sorry.” He looks around. “I don't think that I’ve ever actually been up here.”

"But you live here.” I say, raising an eyebrow. He just shrugs.

“The place is so big I think that I’ve only been in half of it.”

“That means that I have been in more of it than you have.” I joke. A idea comes to mind. “Hey when you aren't busy, can you spare a few hours so you can show me around this city?”

He smiles and starts to answer but someone knocked on the door and cut him off. He steps out of the way so I can open the door without hitting him. When I open it I see another boy who looks exactly like him. He is just standing there, looking bored.

“Im Jem, bye!” He is already bounded down the stairs before I could even say bye back he is bounding down the stairs already. I close the door and turn back to my first visitor. I start to say something but I can't seem to speak.

“Im Mason. The nice and polite twin… you can tell us apart by our eyes, his are black while mine are brown…. I would accept the invitation but I have to go to school early tomorrow to finish a project, even though its sunday. I'll be home for the weekends though.” He turns to leave, “I'll tell someone to bring you around the city though.” He gives me a small wave and smiles at me before leaving.

I get my phone back out. I quickly tell everyone that I got here safe and sound. I look around my room, which is literally an apartment. I sigh and walk into the kitchen. It doesn't have anything in it, not a thing. I make sure my phone is set to the correct time and plug it in on the kitchen counter. I walk up to my bags and grab my bathroom bag and bring it into the bathroom. I have a bath, shower, sink toilet and a cool looking counter, along with a Full body mirror, I am totally set. I put all of my stuff away and see that before I had put my stuff in here there was nothing in here. My makeup went into the cabinet and everything else goes put away. My toothbrush goes in the toothbrush holder on the counter.

I put my empty bag by the front door and grab another. I head to my room and put it on my bed. I open it and take out my favorite blanket. I move my bag off the bed and put it on the floor so I can put my blanket on the bed.

I look around my room and see that there is another door. I walk up to it and squeal when I open it, it its a walk in closet!!! I close it and go grab the rest of the bags and head into my closet to unpack the 5 suitcases of clothes. I leave two of the five packed. I have a couple suitcases being shipped, one for shoes, one for books. The downside is that I now only have a few pairs of shoes to chose from. I set my alarm on my headboard until I can get a nightstand, I put my jewelry case next to it too, a couple of my books, along with some family photos. On second thought, I put the books back until I can get an actual bookshelf.

I set my alarm to the correct time and I try not to yawn. It's only noon but at home it will be about bedtime for the twins. I get my phone and I click speed dial number one. My dad picks up on the fourth ring. I quickly tell him about my last dream, the one that made me realize that we are all actually part Horsemen. I tell him about Courtney and her two sons and when I was done he couldn't say one word because Alex or Sophia yanks the phone out of his hand.

“SARAH!” Alex yells into the phone and I pull the phone away from my hurting ears. I  can hear her take it into her room and close the door. I'm guessing she put it on speaker phone for both her and Sophia.

“Hello Sarah.” Says Sophia.

“Yo yourself.” I say, bracing myself.

“We want to know everything!” Alex says excitedly. So I tell them everything, from the step out the door to now.

“Girls?” Says a new voice. Kamis just walked in. “May I talk to her?” I hear the phone get put into his hand and I jump when someone knocks on my door.

“Um, Kamis, someone’s at my door, I have to go… Bye!” I tell him and hang up. I go to open the door but my instinct told me not to, low in my stomach. I should have listened.


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