FNAF x Selena The Security Guard

A new Security guard named Selena is hired to work at Freddy Fazbears. She is 16 years old and a mystery to everyone there even the manger, but nonetheless she is a great security guard. Will she get close to someone there? And if so who is it?


2. The Sadness

I hear people talking back and forth, more like yelling. I open my eyes a bit and cover my ears then I say, "What is with the yelling? Y'all are hurting my ears." Mangle hugs me and whispers, "He hid you in the closet and knocked you out. We were worried that he killed you." I smile a bit and tell her, "That's sweet that you all were worried about me but he didn't knock me out. I hid in the closet after talking to him for a bit and I fell asleep cause I knew it would be a while before you found me." I laugh a bit and Bonnie gets upset and crosses his arms. Chica goes over to Bonnie with a bit of a blush on her face and she apologizes. I smile at them and pull them out of the room and back to the main room. I tell them to stay there and I run off to the security office and grabs my bag. When I get back they look upset and I stop where I'm standing then I ask in a quiet voice, "What's wrong...." Foxy comes over and says, "You went to the security office, why?" I frown and fidget with my hands and says, "I can't tell you yet..." Bonnie stands up and says, "I told you we couldn't trust her." I stumble back a bit and I drop my bag and the toys and snacks fall out. I start to cry and I run out of the room and I go and hide in a closet and pulls my legs to my chest and hides my face in my legs. I hear them shouting my name and someone is in front of the door where I'm hiding, I cover my mouth trying to be as quiet as possible. They walk by the I let out a breath and then I hear the footsteps coming back and they open the door and it's Bonnie. He picks me up and tries to pull me out them I scream, "Don't touch me!!" tears start streaming down my eyes and my pupils appear to be snowflakes, the whole place seems to have gotten colder and only I haven't noticed. As soon as my tears touch the ground they turn to ice, Bonnie gasps and looks surprised and says, "You... You have a great deal of sadness in your life." The others come running before he can say anything else and Freddy says, "How did you do that?" I shrug my shoulders and whispers, "It just happens when I get upset, I don't know how to control it." They nod and Bonnie grabs my arm and pulls me away from the group and no one tries to stop him. He brings me to the room earlier and pulls a picture out of his pocket then gives it to me, I look at it then gasps and says, "Why do you have a picture of my mom with you??" He sits in front of me and takes the picture back then says, "Your mom used to work here and she told people about us but no one believed her. So they sent her to the crazy house and well you know the rest. She used to have these powers so that's why I'm telling you this, and if you want I can teach you how to control them." I think about it for a little bit then I nod my head and whispers, "Yes please." He smiles a bit and I look a bit surprised but shakes it off and smiles back.

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