The Killer

It is about a great killer that has left the big prison


2. The Fresh Air Outdoors

    The fresh air was great outside and inside the shed and we always make things like moonshine and breach other peoples houses every day and we loved doing that for live that what we do. And nobody can stop us but the cops, and the only thing is the pot. We needed the pot and the spoon to make it, when saw a big shed and that's where we got the big pot and the big spoon. To make it and that's what we did together. He grabs the big spoon and I grabbed the big pot and we poured the big bags of ingredients in the big pot and we went to work but it took for a while but we did together and we did it we made our first batch as a team, the cops were in the woods looking for us with there big flashlights. Then it was time to pack our stuff an move to a different spot so I grabbed my blade under are shed so I can go back to the prison and get the rest of my friends there was a lot of German shepherds in the woods with there owners, so I had to find a different path to take so that's what I did, It was 2:00 Am and the German shepherds were on duty looking for us and my partner, And so I made my choice and took the big trail. With no flashlight at all.  

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