! Harry Potter x Draco Malfoy !

Harry Potter x Draco Malfoy fanfiction


1. 1\\ The terrible feeling

Jack’s pov:

Frustrated Jack turned around to look at his alarm clock, 3:16am. All night he had this feeling something terrible was going to happen, but so far nothing had happened.

Rubbing his eyes, he sat up gazing out of the window. It was dark outside. The sun had just barely started to rise behind the forbidden forest, making the sky a dark rose. It was beautiful.. Jack felt as if all the answers to his questions would appear if he just kept starring out at the trees for a little longer.

Minutes went by.. Jack was just about to give up when suddenly a wand lit up outside. He could have sworn the man holding it was his twin brother, Harry.. half naked?!l The two boys looked a lot like each other, they were almost identical. Except Harry’s ugly scar and glasses, ofc. Jack couldn’t see it tho, not at all. He was much more attractive, with his emerald green eyes. While Harry’s eyes was snot green. And his hair, a complete mess! And then there was the obvious one, their clothes. Harry was a Gryffindor, or as Jack and his friends liked to call them, Gryffindorks. Slytherin was Jacks house, obviously. Only the best students get chosen for slytherin, the only good house in this stupid school!

Normally, Jack wouldn’t give a damn about what his twin was doing in the forbidden forest late at night.. But today was different. He stood up and watched as the lit up body disappeared into the woods, then turned around and went to put on his robes, shoes and green/grey scarf.

“Where’ you going mate?” As he opened the door, his roommate had woken up catching him trying to sneak out. “Chris told me to meet him outside, gon’ have some fun.” He lied. Everyone knew Jack was gay, and a big player too. Him and his friends had a good time laughing at all the boys Jack had tricked into sleeping with him and then dumped. “Go get it.” Jack just sent him a smug smile as an answer, then closed the door behind him.

It was freezing cold outside. Jack quickly found what he thought was his brothers footprints in the tall grass. They didn’t look like shoes tho, but feet. Did Harry walk around out there barefooted? He followed the prints till he stood right in front of the forest. It was even darker in there, and the prints was near impossible to see. He started walking anyways. Jack wasn’t afraid at all! Not for the dark, the cold or the.. werewolfs.

“J-jack?” He turned around to see a confused Harry, only wearing his boxer shorts. “Harry! What the fuck are you doing out here wearing nothing, you idiot.” Jack quickly gave him his robe and scarf.. not that he cared about him, tho. ‘Cause he didn’t! He could freeze to death and it wouldn’t bother Jack the slightest. It was just too warm with all that clothes, yeah that’s why. It was much more comfortable with just his T-shirt that he’d been wearing under the robes.

Watch out!” Harry yelled at the top of his lungs. Jack turned his head just in time to see a black shadow with glowing eyes fly at him with such speed he didn’t have the time to move away. “Jack! Are you okay? No, no.. It’s going to be okay, I promise. Don’t die on me Jack! Keep your eyes open, Jack!”


This took me forever to write. Last time I finished this chapter, Movellas decided to delete all of it. It was much better the first time.. But since I don’t remember the exact words, here’s a cheap knockoff of the first. ._.’

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